7 Things To Stop Doing With Your Real Estate Email Marketing Campaign

7 Things To Stop Doing With Your Real Estate Email Marketing Campaign

Courtesy of:  The Water Cooler and Dan Stewart of Happy Grasshopper.

There are 2 Essentials to Internet Marketing for Real Estate, in my opinion, a WordPress Website with IDX and an Real Estate Email Marketing Campaign.  They go hand in hand and each one helps to make the other more effective.

The 1,2 punch of Internet Marketing is generating traffic and leads with your blog, and staying connected with email until they are ready to buy.


Happy Grasshopper

Dan Stewart is the founder of a cool email marketing company Happy Grasshopper.

I am a huge fan of Mailchimp and that does not change, but a service like this could be of interest to many of you.

Why would a service like Happy Grasshopper interest you?  

They have a team of writers that send engaging messages for you to your sphere. They don’t send those stale newsletters everyone is tired of getting. Instead they send fresh, friendly content that your database will actually respond to. You’ll stay top of mind and your datbase will remember to refer you without you having to ask for it.

This is essentially how it works:

    1. You provide a list of people you want to keep in touch with.
    2. Happy Grasshopper sends engaging professionally written, relationship building messages FROM YOU.
    3. Your name and brand stay top of mind with everyone you meet. They remember you, are reminded of your business, and ultimately remember to refer you.

If you want a super easy to use email marketing campaign that gets touched every 3 weeks and do not want to have to write your own content you should check it out.

Sample Email:

SUBJECT: Proof You Can’t Judge a Book or a House by its Cover

Hi Jason,

Can you believe these pictures are of the same house?

I love finding something unexpected and it reminds me about the power of a little imagination.

I hope you find an unexpected surprise today.

Jason Fox

Jason Fox – Jason Fox
DIY Internet Marketing


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My second email was just sent.  I have already received 4 responses.  The emails really do create engagement – which is the purpose – Kathleen Daniels


7 things that you should stop doing immediately with your email marketing campaigns.


1. Stop selling unless they can buy with a click


2. Stop sending messages that look like marketing – kill the templates


3. Stop obsessing over what all the experts say – just do – test and measure


4. Stop writing essays – keep it short – invite a comment


5. Stop obsessing about your open rates and click throughs – look for replies


6. Stop sending erratically – pick a schedule and stick to it


7. Stop trying to segment your list into so many different groups – it leads to paralysis



  • These can all be easily accomplished, coincidentally, by using the Happy Grasshopper Real Estate Email Marketing Campaign.
  • They also offer an Email Marketing Campaign for Managing Brokers to Recruit new Brokers.
  • In addition, they have a more personalized and tailored product


(I am an affiliate for this product and will make a small commission if you click on the link and sign up)


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  1. Jay October 8, 2013 at 9:59 am - Reply

    It sis o important to treat every e-mail as a business communication, and have a definite point of view. These tips are so important to every business, but especially smaller ones that lean on this kind of marketing on a daily basis.

    • Jason Fox October 8, 2013 at 10:08 am - Reply


      Thank you for your input. I agree, and try to remind business owners how important a great follow up system is for building and maintaining your business.

  2. Allen Deaver October 15, 2013 at 2:18 pm - Reply

    Jason I could not agree with you more. For myself I need to keep things simple and to the point. Don’t try to impress someone with something I know. Make it about them and don’t over do it.

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