Real Estate Give A Guided Tour Of Your Community With Google Tour Builder


Tour Of Your Community Using Google Tour Builder ToolHave you seen the new Google Tour builder Tool?   It is in beta and was originally developed to give members of the Armed Forces a platform for showing family and friends where they had been.

It seems like every cool tool that is introduced to the internet can be used for Real Estate Marketing.

We can use it as a Real Estate Marketing Tool.  You can create a guided tour of your community with Google Tour Builder.

A Guided Virtual Earth Tour Of:

  • New Listings On Market
  • Homes You Are Going To Show
  • Open Houses
  • Local Parks
  • Local Golf Courses
  • Homes You Have Sold
  • Local Schools
  • Your Favorite Local Shops
  • Foreclosures


What is Tour Builder?

Tour Builder is a new way to show people the places you’ve visited and the experiences you had along the way using Google Earth. It lets you pick the locations right on the map, add in photos, text, and video, and then share your creation.

By utulizing the Google Earth Application (which is required to build and view the tours) you can easily zoom around your community, neighborhood, city, or county and place a pin on the location you would like to highlight.  Then add up to 25 Photos or Videos, Description, Title, Pin Style, and pan and zoom into your highlighted area to capture what you want your audience to see.

Once you have completed your tour you can share it with your client with a link to opens the Tour of your community.


SAMPLE:  Tour Of Parks In Bothell, WA

I created a sample tour of a community, Bothell, using the Google Tour Builder.  I decided that I would like to highlight all the parks that located in my community.  Along with a description of each and pictures to help people decide if they would like to visit.

You Can View My –  Bothell Parks Tour

Tour of your community using Google Tour Builder



How To Build A Google Tour

The process is pretty self explanitory once you get going.
1.  Create a Google Tour Builder Account (you will need a Google or Gmail account to accomplish this)
2.  Download and install the Google Earth Application
3.  Click “Create Tour”
4.  Give your tour a name (ex:  Los Angeles Waterfront Condos, Montana Ranches) and Your Business Name
5.  Add a “Tour” Image and “Tour” Description
6.  Click “Add Location”
7.  Here you can either; Enter an address or Landmark into the search box or if you can locate your desired tour location you can drop the pin using the google earth.
8.  After you have “Added Location” the application will drop a pin and you can continue to fine tune the location until it is just where you want it.  Once the pin is located correctly click “Add To Tour”
9.  Now you can Customize the Location by giving it a Title, up to 25 Photos or Videos, Description, Pin Style, and further fine tune how you want the map to display your location.
Google Tour Builder

10.  Once you are satisfied with your Tour Location click “+Add Location”
11.  Repeat steps 6-10 for each additional location you would like to highlight.
12.  When you are happy with your community tour click “Done Editing”

Once your tour is built you will get a link to the tour that you can share with your potential clients, add to your website, blog about, add to your email newsletter, post to your fan page, or put it in a video about the community.

Keep in mind that your tour is private by default. Once you’ve finished your tour, just click “share tour” to share it with your friends and family or make it public for anyone to see.

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