Real Estate Social Media

Is Real Estate Social Media Done Differently?


“These days. Most of us have the attention span of a meth-addicted squirrel.” 
― Kristen Lamb, Rise of the Machines–Human Authors in a Digital World


What is this post about again? 

Oh yeah, Real Estate Social Media!


Is Real Estate social media any different than just regular old social media?  Yes and No.  Anytime you use Social Media for business you need to use a slightly different set of rules.


How Real Estate Social Media is being Used:


According to the data pulled from over 500 real estate clients and other small business users, Postling compiled this data.


  • 84% of Real Estate Professionals are using Social Media
    • 79% use Facebook
    • 48% use Twitter
    • 29% use Linkedin
    • 15% use WordPress
    • 12% use Youtube
    • 5% use Blogger
    • 4% use Flickr
    • 2% use Tumbler


  • Only 55% of Real Estate Agents feel “Comfortable” with Social Media
    • 26% “Somewhat Comfortable”
    • 10% “Uncomfortable”
    • 9% “Don’t Use”


Hot Real Estate Tip
73% of Homeowners say they are More Likely to list with a Realtor offering to do Video

Again, only 12% of real estate agents have a Youtube account.


  •  13% more Real Estate Agents have a Facebook account than average Small Businesses
  • 13% more Small Businesses have Twitter accounts that Real Estate Agents


I have to say that most Real Estate Agents I have met have no interest in Twitter.

How to use Twitter For Business.


I don’t think that the average Real Estate Agent can manage all of these accounts… so if you are not interested in Twitter, don’t!


The data also presents that searching for real estate is moving towards mobile and looking at listings on mobile devices.

  • Users look at 20k homes an hour on
  • 45% of those Users viewed a home they saw online
  • 29% contacted an agent located on that search
  • 21% Drove by the home

This tells me it is pretty important to:

    • Have your web presence mobile friendly
    • Have listings on your social media platforms (Images, Videos, IDX)
    • Have profiles created on the most popular mobile searching applications (, Trulia, Zillow)


Real Estate Social Media Infographic 

Real Estate Social Media - Infographic

(Infographic courtesy of: Mashable)

Real Estate Social Media Strategy


“Just because you can doesn’t mean you should.” ― Sherrilyn Kenyon


I think it is just fine that most agents are Not using All of the Social Media channels.


“If you are not able to do your Real Estate Social Media platform passionately and consistently, don’t do them.”


Pinterest is not listed on this Infographic.  I think it is a good platform for real estate professionals and one you should look into.  It is all about pictures.  Real Estate Marketing is all about pictures.

Google + is not listed either.  As I tell all my clients, “Where do you want your clients to find you online?  Google.  Then we should probably set up on Google.”


I would suggest that you:


If you can manage more than that…  Awesome!


If you would like a little extra help with figuring out Social Media:

Free Social Media eBooks and Guides


Good Luck with your Real Estate Social Media.  I would love to hear your thoughts and suggestions below.