So you’ve got your website up and running, you’re regularly posting on social media and you’ve even got a blog consisting of real estate-related articles — what’s missing?

Video marketing is becoming increasingly popular in the real estate market as it offers a unique experience to audiences that leads to high engagement.

In fact, according to research done by the marketing department at HSA Home Warranty, 75 percent of home sellers are more likely to list with agents who use video.

75 percent of home sellers are more likely to list with agents who use videoClick To Tweet


With 50 percent of prospective home buyers using YouTube as their main source of video research, according to real estate blog Wingwire, it seems that Youtube is the place where real estate professionals should be focusing their attention.

Let’s take a look at how YouTube can help your business and the equipment you need to get started.


Why Use YouTube



Engage Large Audiences


YouTube has over 1.5 billion users per month, according to TechCrunch, which means that your brand has the capability to reach a wide audience.

Not only are you able to reach YouTube’s viewers, but as a straightforward video platform, you have the option to integrate it with your social media, blogs and websites to attract even more customers.

Furthermore, as the site is owned by Google, your SEO ranking for YouTube videos is routinely higher, ensuring visibility and engagement, Bluleadz says.


Opportunity To Be Creative


The nature of video means that it is highly engaging to many audiences.

By utilizing video marketing through YouTube, you have so many options to share information about your brand, your employees and your listings. Here are just some ideas:


  • Agent Profiles: Create short videos with each of your agents so that customers can learn about their experience, personality and business acumen. This will build trust and allow successful relationships to form.
  • Listing Videos: Offer your clients a unique showcase of your listings through an intimate video of the property — it will save time and be a great tool to promote new and current listings.
  • Neighborhood Spotlight: Provide prospective buyers with a unique insight into neighborhoods and local areas so they can make an informed decision about buying a property.
  • Market Education: Utilize your company’s knowledge and expertise to create videos that offer advice to those interested in the real estate industry. You’ll not only be doing the community a favor, but you’ll establish your brand as trustworthy and reliable expert.


What You Need


Now that you’re convinced a YouTube channel is a useful marketing tool, take a look at what you need to get started.




Choosing the right camera for your content is vital to ensuring a good quality video.

DSLR, handheld cameras, webcams, cell phone cameras — each has its own benefits depending on the style, length and context of your video.

A great option for the real estate industry is using security cameras. Yes, you read that right, a security camera. Surveillance cameras have come a long way since their inception, and these days they can be used for more than just monitoring your office and home.




If you’re planning to include voiceover or want to record people talking in your videos, attaching an external microphone is a good way to ensure audio quality.

Most cameras have microphone plug-in capabilities, and you can usually find an actual microphone for an affordable price. Look for one that has a simple setup, is portable and easy to transfer clips onto your computer.




Editing on a computer is an important step to making sure your video is of high quality.

Whether you have a MAC or PC, make sure that the computer can handle large data files and has the appropriate editing software. To start, use what your computer came with, iMovie or Windows Movie Maker.

Invest in more professional software like Adobe Creative Cloud or Pixelmator when you’re ready.


Creating a Youtube Channel


Creating a Youtube channel is really quite simple.

  • Visit
  • Sign In or Create A New Google Account
  • Click your user icon in the upper right-hand corner. You’ll see a drop-down menu, where you’ll want to click “settings.”
  • Under “additional features,” click “create a new channel.”
  • Then customize your new brand Youtube Channel


Going Beyond Youtube With Real Estate Video


The importance of video in real estate marketing is undeniable.  However, it does go beyond Youtube.


When I create a real estate video I put them in 4 different spots.

  1. Youtube
  2. Natively on Facebook
  3. A Blog Post
  4. Email To My Database

I probably get the most views after I upload a video to Facebook natively.  This means that I upload the raw video footage directly into my Facebook business page or profile.

Do not share your Youtube Video on Facebook!  Upload the raw video file onto your Facebook Business Page or Personal Profile.  This will increase the views by 10 Xs or more.

I probably get the best results when I send my video to my database using email.  These are the people that already know me, like me, and trust me.

I will generally embed the Youtube video into a blog post and then add text explaining the video and highlighting the important parts.  I will also take the transcript that Youtube produces and add the transcript to my blog post.  This adds text that Google can read, increasing my chances of the post ranking on the search engines.

Then I will take my video and upload it natively to Facebook ads.  I then run the video ads to my database and a look-a-like database that Facebook creates by me adding my database in the form of a .CSV file.

You can learn more about sending your database a video on Facebook in this post.




Whether or not you are going to use Youtube to host your videos there is no doubt in my mind that you need to create video content this year and start distributing it to your database and beyond.

Youtube makes for a great place to store that video content and it is the most viewed website on the planet…so….  Go create that Youtube channel and start producing killer video content.