Google Wants Content Above The Fold

Google will penalize your website if you do not have your content above the fold.  

Above The Fold

Above The Fold

Above The Fold

When you look at a website, above the fold, is everything that is viewable on the website from the bottom of your screen to the top of the screen without scrolling.  As seen on the right:

Content Above The Fold

Content is loosely defined as what a Google Searcher is looking for when they click on your website.  What they are not looking for is Ads, links, or redirects.  They are looking for the content that applies to the Keyword that they searched for.  Information, Videos, Images, Blog Posts, Products, Reviews, etc.

Ads Vs. SEO

If your business model is to get people to click on your ads you may want to put them at the top of your website so people see them right away and take action.  I can tell you that this is a BAD strategy whether you are using Ads or SEO to drive your traffic.

Both Google and Bing will penalize or shut down your ads if you have to many ads or links above the fold.

Google will penalize your Search Rankings if you have to many ads or links above the fold.  You can read their explanation of wanting content above the fold here.


When people search on Google or Bing they are researching or learning, only about 5% are looking to buy something.  Therefore, if they click on your link and the first thing they see is a bunch of ads, that is a Bad User Experience.  

In order to produce the Best User Experience both Google and Bing will penalize your website for organic search and paid ads if you do not have relevant content above the fold.

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