You have heard over and over that you need an SEO Campaign but why?

When potential clients begin their buying process where is the first place they go?, did you know that To Google is a Word?

Why You Need an SEO Campaign - The Data - Quote

1.  Every Year The Amount Of Pre-Shopping Research that Starts on Google, Bing, and Yahoo, Increases.

SEO Campaign - the data - search starts on Google

2.  There is no shortage of potential clients that are searching on Search Engines.

SEO campaign - the data - number of search engine searches

3.  There is no shortage of potential clients that are searching for Your Products and Services on Search Engines.

SEO Campaign - The Data - Google Searches for products and services

SEO Campaign - Google is the new Yellow Book


4. More Potential Clients Click On Sites that Are Organic (or have an SEO Campaign) than Paid Results.

SEO Campaign - The Data - Organic over Paid

5.  The Top 3 Organic Results Generate The Majority of Traffic.

SEO Campaign - the data - top results get clicked

SEO Campaign - The Data - Organic Ranking is Critical

6.  SEO Campaigns Cost Less Than Traditional Marketing Methods.

SEO Campaign - The Data - SEO Costs Less

SEO Campaign - The Data - Bottom Line

Data and Graphics Courtesy of:  Hubspot

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