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Top 9 Structural SEO Tips For New Websites:  SEO ABC’s

Your website can serve as the face of your business on the online space – but only when it is easily accessible to the targeted customers. Via smart and effective search engine optimization techniques or SEO Tips, you can make sure that your website is displayed among the first set of results on the Google SERP or Search Engine Results Page.

Search engine results page

A search engine results Page (SERP) is the listing of results returned by a search engine in response to a keyword query . …

That, in turn, will bolster web traffic levels. However, unless the pages of your website are ‘structurally optimized’, people are not likely to stay on for long. In the current discourse, we will take you through some basic structural SEO tips, to popularize your newly launched website:


1)    Make the website search-oriented

People want specific information from your website – and they want it fast. Make sure that a properly functioning search box features prominently in your custom web design plans. That would help people to get redirected to the pages/sections which contain the information they are seeking. The search box should not be case-sensitive.

2)    Keep the navigation features simple

While creating your website, don’t expect that all visitors would have the same technical acumen as your web developer(s). Intricate navigation features might seem nice to a few people, but the majority of the web traffic may not simply be able to take a proper tour of your website. Arrange the menu options, links and tabs in a neat, uncluttered manner. Visitors should have a clear idea where any link placed on your website leads to.

3)    Have a sitemap

 This is important, both from the user-experience, as well as the SEO perspective. When you have a HTML sitemap, people will be able to go through a comprehensive list of all the resources that you have in the website. Finding and clicking on the link(s) that they are interested in would become a lot easier. An XML sitemap, on the other hand, would enable search engine crawlers to explore all the sections of your website.

4)    Check for broken links

 Nothing can be more frustrating for a person than to arrive at your website, be impressed by your custom website design, click on a link/tab…and be greeted with a ‘404 Error’ page! Presence of several such broken links can lower the value of your website in the eyes of the search engine authorities too. Before your website goes live, test for such broken links, and rectify them (if any).

5)    Avoid putting up heavy animated banners and ads in the upper-section of the web pages

Your new website should be quick to load. When you put up too many flash advertisements ‘above-the-fold’ on your web pages, the speed of your website gets affected. That, in turn, can drive away most of the prospective clients. ‘Top-heavy’ websites are also likely to find it difficult to get a high search engine rank.

6)     Create properly optimized page titles

Each of the pages of your professional website should deal with one specific topic, and a small set of keywords should be targeted through it. Make sure that each page title has at least one of the keywords, and provides an idea about the type of information that it contains. Titles that are too long and/or have special characters in them are not SEO-friendly.

7)   Post unique, informative content

Have a proper combination of texts, images, videos and infographics in the content present on your website. The images should have keyword-rich ALT tags, which would be decipherable for the search engine ‘bots’. The text-content should be updated at regular intervals, to keep the interest levels of the visitors intact. Learn more about how you can manage content writers for making your new website really interesting.

8)    Create a network of internal links

Place hyperlinks on different sections of your web content, clicking on which would lead visitors to other pages/sections. This would ensure that the entire site is easily navigable for the visitors. Do not put too many links leading to the same page, however – that can be regarded as spamming.

9)       Use images, videos and infographics

Web content is not about text alone. Put in appropriate images on your web pages as well, with SEO-friendly ALT descriptions. Presence of videos and vivid infographics can make your pages even more engaging for users.


If you have recently launched an ecommerce website, make sure that the payment gateway offers secure browsing facilities. Reach out for the services of an expert local SEO firm, to make sure that your website does not have any structural shortcomings. For instance, if you are an American resident, you can get in touch with multiple companies that deal with web design in USA, before choosing the one that is likely to offer you the best service. Follow the above SEO tips, and get your new website indexed and easily viewable – soon!


Author’s Bio: Kenneth Parkar is a renowned author. He is also considered to be an authority on website development and search engine optimization. Over here, he offers some handy structural SEO tips, for newly launched websites. is the place to get more updates in this regards.


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