Blogging For Business:  Setting Up A Blog

Designing / Setting up a blog is not just about whether to use Blogspot or WordPress… (WordPress)

Setting Up Your Blog


There are some Must Haves to consider when Designing / Setting up a blog. 

Step 1:  Branding

When I say branding I just mean a Professional Logo that you love… You have to Love it, and a similar look and feel used throughout your blog.  It does not need to be extravagant, and may be better if it is not.  Take for example Seth Godin, one of the top marketing minds in the world, his sites are very simple and clean… and Branded.

If you slap a blog up with no logo and no branding people are going to think you are new, broke, or don’t care.

Step 2: Put an Opt-in Form in a Prominent Spot

We talked about in the first post that the blog is for attracting traffic and getting leads… so put your Lead Getting Device in a valuable piece of your blog’s real estate.  Probably the Upper Right Hand corner of your site, but this can be different based on what type of site you have. 

Then make the Opt-in form Obvious by making it a contrasting color, clearly marking it as such, providing a Free Giveaway for people that sign up, marking it with objects or buttons… or all of the above.

Step 3:  Make Your Blog About A Subject Your Potential Clients Are Interested In

I don not know what subjects your potential clients are interested in but I know what subject they are not interested in.

They are not interested in you.  That is not to say that you should not be on the site… Just not the focal point.

Step 4:  Do Not Over Clutter The Site

Often times when we create a new site we dream of all the wonderful pages, widgets, and wingdings we could add to the site to make it super cool.  DON’T!

We only want people to be able to do a limited number of things using our site.

  • Sign Up to the Opt-in form.
  • Find out a little more about who we are and what we bring to the table.
  • Be able to contact us via Phone, Email… etc
  • Read Our Blog To Get More Information
  • Possibly a means to buy your product

I will cover the Nuts & Bolts of Setting Up A Blog in the next post.

Do you have any additional suggestions for designing your blog?

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