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Simply Measured Offers More Free Social Media Reports Than You Want 

Do you want to know what your Twitter Followers had for breakfast?  Or if your Facebook Fans wear yellow socks?  Me neither, but if you did I bet that Simply Measured has Free Social Media Reports for that.

Free_Social_Media_Reports_-_Simply_MeasuredFree Social Media Reports - Simply MeasuredFree_Social_Media_Reports_1_-_Simply_Measured

@SimplyMeasured is a Social Media Analytics and Reports service provider.  In their words:

Our goal is to put the tools to understand business data in the hands of business users. We think reporting should be simple, beautiful, and accessible for everyone – not just data scientists. Our software streamlines the process from data to deliverables and eliminates the countless hours spent on everyday reporting tasks. 

We do this by putting cloud data sources at your fingertips, providing a marketplace of best practice reports, and generating beautiful deliverables on the web, in Excel, and in PowerPoint with a couple of clicks.

Free Social Media Reports

As part of a their Content Marketing strategy they offer a suite of Free Social Media Reports that is so ridiculous that I have them shown alongside the blog post, because it would take me hours to list them all.

Free Social Media Reports

 Social Media Platforms Analyzed

  • Facebook
  • Facebook Fan Page
  • Google+
  • Tumblr
  • Linkedin
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • Landing Pages
  • Traffic Source
  • Klout
  • Blog
  • Vine
  • Influencer’s
  • Youtube
  • All Kinds of Variations of each

Facebook Fan Page Example

The image below only covers about 1/32 of the data that was generated by Simply Measured, and delivered to me for free, about my facebook fan page.

 Simply Measured Facebook Fan Page Report

No, it did not tell me if my fans wear yellow socks, but EVERYTHING else I could possibly want to know about my Fan Page for free.

And one of the coolest things I thought was:

Simply Measured Social Media Reports export

The data is truly Free.  You can export all that data they provide you into a an excel file, or even cooler yet a PowerPoint so you can present it to your team, or boss, or both.

How This Can Be Useful

To convince your Team, Boss, or Client that there is a need to invest or invest more into a Social Media Marketing campaign.

To identify where your social media engagement is the strongest and focus your efforts there.

To identify where your social media engagement is the weakest to decide if you want to bolster that area or possibly discard it.

To validate your Social Media efforts.


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