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3 Necessary Components For Small Business Website Design

It is now the age of technology and every small business owner must have a website if they want to stay competitive. But not everyone has the technical capabilities to create their own website; knowing how to design, code, add the correct images and make their site appealing to their visitors and encourages them to purchase or contact for a service. In this article we will share 3 necessary components for small business website design so regardless of whether you need to hire a website designer or not, you will know how to best proceed.


1. Simple Domain name

While this doesn’t primarily have anything to do with the basic website design, it is a necessary component for you website. You need to keep your domain name simple and use keywords that you want to be known for.

While some people will bookmark a site they like so they can easily come back to it, not everyone knows how to do that. If you have a simple and even catchy name, people will remember it better for when they do want to type it in the address bar and visit you.

2. An Appealing Design

2. Small Business Website Design One of the most popular ways for small business owners to build their own websites today is through a platform called WordPress. WordPress is great because you can find almost any type of theme to use with every color there is out there. If you want something basic and want to use most of your own images, logos and product shots, you can use a theme such as Weaver and then tweak things or upload as needed from within the dashboard.

With WordPress and the way the templates are set up, you do not need to worry about knowing html codes or java script or any of the other coding languages that webmasters specialize in. WordPress can be easily installed right from your hosting account panel.

Once you have WordPress setup, you will want to keep these points in mind when setting up your pages:

  • Keep your graphics clean, meaning no text over top of them.
  • A dark background is usually not viewed as favorable unless it goes with your theme and topic choice as it can be hard for your visitors to read the text on your pages
  • Be sure to break your text blocks up with some white space in between. Too much white space or too small of a font is also a turn off. You do not want your visitors to have to struggle to read anything on your site
  • Include photos with all of your articles to add more depth and appeal to the content

3. Site Functionality

The worst thing you can do is create a website that is confusing and complicated for your visitors. You should have a few main pages that consist of:

These pages may vary a little depending on your business model. But generally, these pages should be fine. Most websites will also have a Blog attached to their site as well so that they can attract the search engines and rank for keywords which will help bring in more visitors.

Another main item you will need to have on your site to help you build your client or customer base is an Opt In form offering a free resource for new subscribers. Once they have opted in, you can build a relationship with them, find out more of what they would like to learn or buy, or send them discounts and sales offers. The Opt In form should be at the very top of your page so your visitors will be sure to see it.

You need to make your categories and links all visible and easy to follow for those who are looking to find more information. You do not want your visitors wondering what to do next or where to go to find their answers. If they get confused or things are too complicated, they will just leave and never come back.

Your website is your online face to the world. You need to make sure that it properly reflects who you are and what you represent. You need to display a look of professionalism mixed with creativity that will allow you to attract the right target market and result in sales and a growth of your business for the long term.

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Tiffany is a professional writer having three years of writing expirience on online serach marketing, who gives tips and ideas about Local Search Marketing and Website Design for Small Businesses to help in optimizing websites for small businesses.


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