Social Media Marketing in 1 hour a day

Social Media Marketing In 1 Hour A Day [#Infographic]

You are a real estate agent, small business owner, or self lead generated sales professional and you need Social Media Marketing.  You have more needs than you have time, and outsourcing is not an option.  

How do you maintain and grow your business and play Social Media Marketing Manager?

This infographic shows you a simple social media marketing plan that can be effective, if you give it 1 hour of your day.


Social Media Marketing In 1 Hour

Content curation – 15 minutes

“Content curation is the gathering, organizing and online presentation of content related to a particular theme or topic. As a rule, a content curation site reproduces some of the original content and links to the full entry. Some content curation sites also provide original content, interpretation and commentary”  (source:

Blog – 15 minutes

75 minutes a week should be plenty of time to write at least 1 4-700 word SEO Optimized Blog Post.  You can get ideas for blog posts here.

Facebook – 10 minutes

I know, only 10 minutes on Facebook, a day.  In this scenario we are using Facebook as a tool.  Make sure that you take the time to write the perfect facebook post.

Twitter – 5 minutes

The creator of this infographic recommends that you do not follow en mass, I disagree.  If you do not have followers on Twitter it is useless.  This is how I use Twitter For Business.

LinkedIn – 5 minutes

Personally, after your Linkedin profile is optimized and 100% complete  , the power of Linked in is the groups.

Google+ – 5 minutes

5 Good minutes with Google+ a day, you bet.  

Google+ is Google.  Google is king of the internet.  He who holds the power of search, holds all power.

I have been loving Google Communities.

Social bookmarking – 3 minutes

I use Onlywire Social Bookmarking service for this and it happens automagically!  A free alternative is Social Marker. If you don’t promote you, who will?

Analytics – 2 minutes

This is a good idea to throw into your Social Media Marketing mix.  If you look at your stats regularly you may notice that you are having really good luck with 1 network and none with another and adjust your timing accordingly.

social media marketing in 1 minute a day

Courtesy of: Dendrite Park
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  1. pamela hughes July 24, 2013 at 6:52 pm - Reply

    Hey Jason, great work keeping it simple for those of us feeling intoxicated by the fluidity of the social media mania. Your concoction is magical.

    • Jason Fox July 24, 2013 at 8:03 pm - Reply

      Thank you so much. That is my mission is to try to keep it as simple as possible. Operative word, try.

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