Social Media or SEO… Social Media and SEO 

Social Media and SEO

Social Media Marketing has taken the world by storm and left many business owners wondering if they should focus on Social Media or SEO marketing.  I often hear, “now that we have Social Media, SEO is not important”.  That is wrong for many reasons.

It is important to understand why SEO is important.  

To demonstrate I will share a conversation I had just a few days ago with a Custom Home Builder.  This particular builder had been in business for over 30 years and was looking for a way to generate new business.  Over 30 years he had built up a nice referral base, but with the economy and state of Real Estate he needed more business.  This builder did awesome work and had more recommendations, awards, and high accolades than he knew what to do with.  What he did not have was new business.  We did a Google Search for custom home builders in his area and what do you think we found?  All of his competition.  His website was no where to be found.  

If I was looking to build a custom home in this builders area and did not get referred to him, I would not know he existed.  I would never learn that he had been in business longer than almost all the competition, I would never learn that he had won multiple awards over the years, see the pictures that show how good his work is, or be able to read the dozens or recommendations he had from past customers.

If his site had been in that Google Search I would know and would call him.  Social Media or SEO?

Social Sharing is a Key Gear In the SEO Engine

SEO is essentially a 3 piston engine consisting of: 

  • On Site Optimization
  • Off Site Optimization
  • Social Sharing

Social Sharing is the Piston that we are going to focus on.  Both Google and Bing have said that Social Sharing will increase your SEO Rankings.  

I like to think of getting new business on the internet like Winning an Election.  Your goal is to become the Mayor of your Keywords and you need votes to win.  

How do you get votes?

    • +1’s
    • Likes
    • Tweets
    • Shares
    • Diggs
    • Comments
    • Blog Posts
    • Links

These are all signals (think votes) to the Search Engines (in this case think Government) from the searcher’s (think Voters) to rank (or elect) your Website . 

Social Media and SEO Attract Different Business 

I like to think of Social Media Marketing as the best way to produce Referrals.  It is a great way to stay in touch with your current client base, but is not naturally intended to Mass Market and find new leads.  This is not to say that it does not happen.  

For Example:  If you start a succesful Facebook Fan Page and then start a Facebook Ad Campaign to direct traffic to that Fan Page.  And  the Fan Page is created correctly and run properly it could be used to attract a Mass of new leads.

SEO on the other hand is the best way to find  targeted potential clients, but is not naturally Social.

Why wouldn’t you want both?

Coincidentally it is Content that Fuels Both Social Media and SEO 

Internet Marketing always starts with a Landing Page of some kind.  Whether it is a traditional Website, WordPress Blog (my personal recommendation) a Facebook Fan Page, or Any “Micro-Site”.

Then you need to add content.  Content is anything you post to Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, a Blog, an Email, a Video, or on a Landing Page.  

It is this content that Both gets Indexed on Search Engines that helps SEO and also gives your readers something to Share.  The more it gets shared the more potential it has for getting a Higher Index in the search engines.  In addition the more it get’s shared the more potential you have of your Social Media Friends, Fans, Followers, Connections, Circles to find you.

Can you focus on one without the other?  You could and you could find success with it, however if you take some simple steps to do both you will experience an exponential gain.  The point is that 1 does not cancel out the other.

Do You Focus On Social Media or SEO, or Both?


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  1. Ken Kinstle March 12, 2012 at 11:53 am - Reply

    Good information, I am currently using a combination. They both can be effective if used properly. We have clients and business associates from both methods. Thanks for the good post..

    • jason March 18, 2012 at 3:11 am - Reply

      Ken, good for you. Yes, both effective in their own way. Both can be used to generate traffic individually but together is the best.

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