Squirrly WordPress SEO Plugin Review – Makes Optimizing Blog Posts Easy

Let me start off by saying that there are many WordPress SEO Plugin option’s available and many more SEO tools available. The Squirrly Plugin is a Tool.

You can not build a house with a Tool anymore than you can build an SEO Campaign with a Tool

Ultimately as people that own or operate a website what we want is more people to visit our site and possibly buy some of our stuff.  A Strong Content Marketing and SEO Campaign will help that process along.

I am always looking for ways to make my job easier and more efficient.

Squirrly WordPress SEO Plugin

This plugin offers more than just the standard “On Site” SEO optimization.  It offers some cool features that can help you to optimize and craft each blog post.

Optimizing each blog post can be more tricky than you may think.  I have said there are “10 Steps to Great Blog Post SEO“:

  1. Great Keyword
  2. Keyword In Title
  3. Keyword in Permalink
  4. Keyword in First Sentence in <H2> Tags
  5. Keyword in Content 1-5 x’s
  6. Keyword in Meta Description
  7. Add At Least 1 Image w/ Keyword In “Alt” Tag
  8. Add 1 Outbound Link
  9. Make Sure You Have At Least 300 Words
  10. Write a Well Constructed, Easy To Read, Blog Post

The Squirrly WordPress SEO plugin assists you, or guides you in 9 out of 10 of these.


Plug and Play Features

Right out of the box you are going to get automatic “On Site” SEO Optimization. That is as easy as flipping a switch.  Of course you can set it to Custom if you are a Pro.

*Compatible with both Yoast WordPress SEO Plugin and W3 Total Cache Plugin**

  • Google Analytics setup support
  • Automatically adds the correct seo title in the home pageSquirrly Automatic On Site SEO Setup
  • Automatically adds the correct seo description and seo keywords in all pages
  • Automatically adds canonical link in home page
  • Automatically adds the XML Sitemap for search engines
  • Automatically optimizes your titles, content, META, and tag, for search engines
  • Generates META tags automatically
  • Avoids the typical duplicate content found on WordPress blogs
  • Many More

What is nice here is how easy it is.  I have a couple things turned off and that is because I have my site fairly well optimized already.  But if I was starting out of the box I would give it all lights Green.


Keyword Research Tool

As mentioned above priority number 1 is a Great Keyword.  Squirrly offers a Keyword Research tool at the top of your post.  Just enter a keyword you are thinking about and you can do some quick research to analyze the quality of the keyword.

Upon starting a new post you are prompted to add a New Keyword:


After you enter the keyword you are interested in Squirrly offers some insights to help you hone in the best option.  In addition you can get some keyword suggestions and look at the data on them and decide what would be the best Keyword to work with:



Getting help with your keyword is huge, especially if you do not have a ton of experience with using keyword research tools.  In my example above you can see that rather than choosing “WordPress SEO” I went with “WordPress SEO Plugin“.  Why you may ask since the former gets 2,000 more monthly searches than the later?  Because is has NO COMPETITION and still gets a fair amount of traffic.  It is being discussed and trending up.

Inspiration Box

Once you have decided on a Keyword you may need a little inspiration for your content.  Using the keyword selection box, the Squirlly wordpress SEO plugin gives you 6 different ways to add content.

  • Images – I have created 4 posts with the tool and yet to get a “Copyright Free” Image option from the images.  It is not in their control, but disappointing
  • Twitter –  Use this for trending news and information or to quote an expert.
  • Wikipedia –  I quote Wikipedia almost every post, so this is a handy tool.
  • News – Get inspiration from news sources.
  • Blogs – Find out what Bloggers are saying about your keyword.
  • Your Own Site –  Anytime you can link to your own content that is good for SEO.

Simply select the type of inspiration you are looking for and insert it into the post with a click.  You can see a full example of each in “the story of jason fox using only the squirrly plugin“.


Live SEO Assistant

There are 13 additional SEO related tasks that the Live SEO Assistant will help to ensure that you complete for a 100% optimized blog post.


Each line item starts out with no color and as you complete the task you get a notification and the box turns green.  When you have completed all the tasks you will see a happy little Squirrly telling you your blog post is 100% optimized.

In addition each of the line items has a description of the task and what is needed to complete, if you are just beginning.

This feature is actually quite helpful.  If you are currently optimizing your blog posts in this manner you would find this tool helps to speed up the process and if you are not doing this… you should be.



If I am just starting out with SEO the Squirrly WordPress SEO Plugin is a 5 Star sure bet.

If I am a pro, I might be looking for a little more powerful Keyword research tool.

However, all in all for me this is a solid 4 star SEO Tool.

You can be confident that without ever leaving your Add New Blog page you have a strong keyword, good and current content, and your post will be 100% optimized for the search engines.





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  1. Alexandra Petean-Nicola October 10, 2013 at 7:21 am - Reply

    Thank you for the awesome review of Squirrly. We are glad to hear you had such an wonderful experience by using it. Thank you for recommending to Bloggers in simplifying their work. You honor us with your kind words. – Squirrly Team

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    Squirrly is the best SEO plugin and its very user friendly. Way to go and worth paying every penny

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      Hello Srinivas… Thanks for stopping by and we appreciate your feedback.

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