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STAGED… Drive Traffic with Youtube Videos on AutoPilot


“I’m sure if Shakespeare were alive today, he’d be doing classic guitar solos on YouTube.” ~ Peter Capaldi


The Staged Platform helps you take advantage of the FACT that everyone is on Youtube.  Everyone loves videos.  There are millions and millions of videos to watch and share.


Ask yourself, have you ever seen a cool video and wanted to share it with your friends on social media?  Sure… most of us have.

What if you could share cool videos on Youtube and get traffic, increase your SEO, and sell some products?

What if you could do that with the click of a button, or even on autopilot?



Staged is a Viral Traffic Generator, meaning that just by using it, it advertises itself. By using Staged, you can create an unlimited stream of traffic for yourself.

Staged builds hundred’s of unique websites every week.  Then blasts those websites out to the search engines, and top social media platforms.


Set up a Staged custom template
Choose some “relevant” Youtube Channels (including your own if you produce Youtube videos)
Everytime a new video gets added to one of your selected channels a new website is created.
That website gets indexed by the search engines, and blasted to Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Stumble Upon, Delicous, Plurk, Diigo and Friend Feeder.
You get automated traffic to your websites and increased web exposure.

One Click

Set up a Staged custom template.
See a video you would like to share on Youtube, Vimeo, Google Videos, Metacafe, Twitvid, DailyMotion, Facebook, Screenr, or DotSub.
Click the “Stage It!” button.
A new website is created.
That website gets indexed by the search engines and blasted out to your social media channels.
You get instant traffic.

The key to making this happen as fast as possible is to make sure you share “relevant” videos with the largest audiences possible.

  • What I mean by relevant is making sure the content of the video is of interest to the group of people you are sharing it with.
  • Largest audiences possible means making sure that you are connected to all your social media channels.


STAGED Features:

  • You can create UNLIMITED Stages using video links from YouTube, Google, Yahoo, Vimeo, Metacafe and more.
  • Share videos on a Stage rather than sending your friends links to boring web sites like Youtube, Vimeo, etc.
  • Zero technical know-how required only 9 simple mouse clicks is all it takes to create a Stage.
  • With just one mouse click share your Stages on all of your favorite Social Media sites including Facebook & Twitter.
  • Add a “Comments” box and/or enrollment form to your Stages to communicate with your viewers. We will teach you some awesome benefits to capturing personal information on your Stages.
  • Advertise your services or products by adding banners and other advertisements to your Stages.
  • Drive insane amounts of FREE web site traffic from your Stages to ANY web site you want.


The Data


I have been using the tool for 7 days.  In the first 7 days of using Staged:

207 – Websites Have Been Created

2,714 – People Have Viewed My Websites

51 – Ads Have Been Clicked On Websites

Staged Analytics

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Staged Websites


Here is a sample of what a Staged Website could look like:

Staged Website Sample


This is the “Unique Long Tail Domain Name” that was created for the website –!the_man_selling_billions_in_real_estate


I created this template to be somewhat Generic so you could visualize your industry or niche being marketed on the template.


Real Estate Marketing


Do you have a virtual tour of a new listing?  Create a custom website for the video and generate instant traffic from that video.

  • Use the banner space to add Real Estate Related “Calls To Action”
    • Set up a Real Estate Template just like your Real Estate Website.
    • Send traffic to your MLS lead capture
    • Send traffic to your Email Alerts Sign Up
    • Send traffic to your Listings, or Blog, or About page


Do you have a host of videos on your Real Estate Youtube Channel?

  • Stage them and get views to your videos


Create A City or Neighborhood Staged Template

  • Find videos of the city or neighborhood and create websites that you can use to drive traffic to your website


If you don’t have a website use the “Form Builder” to capture leads on your Staged Websites

  • You could create a Powerful Marketing Platform by:
    • Creating a Youtube Channel
    • Making Real Estate Videos
    • Turning those videos into Websites
    • Shooting those websites out to Social Media Platforms
    • Setting up a WordPress Blog and posting your videos and video websites as blog posts
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Staged Templates


You can create as many templates as you like to create the Staged Websites.

Each template has the ability to:

Choose a custom background

Staged Template Background

Customize the layout with an assortment of available widgets

Staged Template Widgets


  • 3 Widget Positions
    • Content Area
    • Right Hand Column
    • Top
  • Related Content Widget
  • My Other Videos Widget
  • Main Content Area Ad Space
  • Comments Section (using Facebook Comments)
  • A WYSIWYG Text Editor Box
  • Bio or About Widgets
  • Twitter Widget
  • A Video “Call To Action” that can display before, during, or after the video


SEO Optimizing Settings

Staged Template SEO Settings

  • Enter a Unique Keyword Focused “Attention Grabbing Title
  • Enter a Call To Action description
  • Enter Keywords
  • Each Website Produced has a Unique Long Tail SEO Friendly Domain


Everything you need to build a fully functioning, Traffic Generating, Lead Capturing, Product Selling website!  Or a few thousand of them.

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There are 3 levels of service:

  1. Free
  2. Basic  —  $29 month
  3. Premium  — $99 month

I use the the Premium Level Service that runs $99 Month

This may seem like a fairly hefty investment in sharing videos, but let’s take a closer look.

At my current rate of clicks (which will get better as I get more drilled down) I will get 10,856 clicks this month!

If I were to use Google Adword or Facebook Ads to get that much traffic I would pay a minimum of $2,171

10,856 clicks


.20 cents a click


$2,171 Month

And there is no way you are getting your clicks for .20 cents


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With Staged I am Paying Less Than 1 Penny Per Click!

+ I am getting some SEO benefit that you DO NOT Get from regular ads.




Staged lets you build web traffic, sell product, and increase your SEO with the click of a button… or on AutoPilot!

Create as many websites as you want.

Do this by simply sharing the Youtube videos, using Staged, that you are already sharing on Facebook.

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