Syndicating Content through Social Media

Drive Your Own Traffic with Social Media and Content Syndication


We’ve written several posts on the power of real estate blogging, offered blogging ebooks on the subject and talked to almost everyone who would listen about how adding content to your real estate website can and will increase traffic as well as your online credibility, authority and legitimacy.

Although this may seem standard practice for some, the task of syndicating content through social media may still be a challenge.


“The paradox is the more info you give away, the more people will buy what you have to give …”

~ Brian Clark, Copyblogger

Syndicating Content through Social Media Gets More Eyes on Your Info


The first step to doing all this might lie in WHY you do all this!

Understanding the power of social media is not hard. Understanding why you need to embrace it and use it for the power it offers you and your online presence is really what’s most vital.

Taking a simple mathematical tact, syndicating your blog articles and landing pages from your real estate website through your social media accounts allows more people to get your stuff! And its not just articles you’re trying to get out there, it’s items of value like:

  • Ebooks
  • Relocation Information
  • Home Valuation Reports
  • How To’s
  • DIY ideas

Through this action, you are able to connect with more people, attract more clients and offer more goods and services than simply hoping your real estate website will get found on the search engines or paying for ads.

*It is important that you use your social media accounts with tact.  Be savvy about how you promote yourself and your content.  There are a million articles out there that explain how to do Social Media for Business.  

Some Tips and Tricks to syndicating your content on your social media pages

If you’re currently sharing your blog articles and content on your social media accounts, it’s likely you have used or are still using an aggregate system to feed your posts. There are definite positives and negatives to this, let’s explore…


  1. Ease of use
  2. Set it and forget it
  3. Quick


  1. Control of time content goes out
  2. Not able to edit content once it goes out
  3. Time it takes to syndicate manually

Automatic feeds are a great resource but may leave one wanting more.

Taking the time and energy to add a post or offer a service from your real estate website may seem like a hassle but the ability to control what your consumer sees and possibly how they engage with your service or brand on your social media pages might just be enough to do all this old-fashioned way…MANUALLY!


First, let’s look at some available resources should you elect to go with an automatic or aggregated feed service:

  • Jetpack by – Loaded with a gob of cool tools for your WordPress real estate website, Jetpack offers 3 features:
    Syndicating Content through Social Media

    •  Publicize
    • Blog Subscriptions
    • Enhanced Distribution

that will syndicate your content, add your feed to the firehose, and get folks to sign up for your future blog posts.

  • HootSuite – This is a Social media management system that helps you manage social networks and schedule messages.
  • TweetDeck – Designed for managing and tracking engagement on Twitter.
  • Friends + Me – Friends+Me supports reposts to Google+ Pages, Twitter Profiles, App.Net Profiles, Facebook Profiles, Groups and Pages, Linkedin Profiles, Groups and Company Pages, Tumblr Public and Private Blogs.
  • IFTT – If this than that is a great free syndication tool that works for much more that just Social Media
  • BufferApp – Is our preferred Twitter Syndication tool.  It is also available for Linkedin and Facebook.

The short list here certainly has its purpose and value to your real estate business. If you’re using an aggregate that you find works well, don’t keep it a secret! We’re always interested in knowing what works and what doesn’t for your real estate business. LEAVE US A COMMENT BELOW


Simple Hints, Tips and Trick to Syndicating Content through Social Media for Engagement

Most of us are well aware of the Big 4 social media sites. Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Google Plus, and don’t forget Pinterest.  And the very simplest way to add your blog articles is to copy and paste the URL of your post or page.

This is not a revelation for most but insuring you have complete control over how your content appears as well as having the options to add an engaging Call-To-Action so you can ‘encourage’ friends, fans and connections to see your entire post is a must for me!!!

We should also point out that the more authentic your Real Estate Marketing Approach the more authentic your Results.


Posting to Facebook

By taking an extra 30 seconds, I will remove the pasted URL and replace it with a Call-To-Action! Offering a question or an engaging line does entice and evoke!


Syndicating Content through Social Media Syndicating Content through Social Media


Posting to Twitter

You can easily link your Twitter to your Facebook Fan Page ( to eliminate a step but the image will not come across so consider doing the same copy and paste technique to your Twitter account. Also, hashtags can help with engagement.

#HomeForSale #Boston #RealEstate #SeattleLifestyle #LuxuryHomes #PriceReduced


Posting to Linkedin

The professionals, professional network, Linkedin engagement is key to attracting business minded folks. Same idea here as with Facebook and Twitter. Hashtags are advised here too!

*Don’t forget to utilize the power of Linkedin Groups.

Posting to Google Plus

There are a couple of cool hacks here worth mentioning.

First, Google Plus allows you to use your keyboard to both BOLD and ITALICIZE your post format. By holding the SHIFT + 8 (asterisk), you can make your text standout. For example, *Bold* = Bold and adding an underscore to the beginning and end of your text makes it italicized. For example, _Italicized_ = Italicized

Secondly, by using focused keywords in your post, you have a very good chance of showing up in a Google Search by those folks who are in your Circle (the way to organize your connections on Google Plus)…All the more reason to be on Google Plus and Circle the heck out of everyone you can!


Syndicating Content through Social Media Syndicating Content through Social Media
We used the focused keyword “Real Estate Websites” throughout this post and then Googled ‘Real Estate Websites’ and look what we found!

Syndicating Content through Social Media


*Don’t forget to utilize the power of Google + Groups


Posting To Pinterest

The real estate business is full of great imagery.  And everybody loves looking at pictures of houses.  The exterior, the interior, design, architecture, the neighborhood, remodels, all of it.  You can share that imagery on Pinterest.

Simply pin your real estate images to the boards that you create on your Pinterest Profile.  Add a link to your website and don’t forget to use hashtags here as well.

Not sure if Pinterest is really that popular or really driving any traffic…

Pinterest Analytics


Syndicating Content through Social Media helps drive traffic and clients to your real estate website

Bare in mind, every time you add a link to your social media accounts, you’re getting more eyes on your site! It’s also worth noting, you’re doing a wonderful job establishing your online presence at the same time!

You are also sending signals to Google, Bing and Yahoo to take note of your real estate website.


You have a choice here…to be in real estate sales or run a real estate business.


There is a very large distinction between selling real estate and running a real estate business! That means be mindful on what type of content to syndicate. Don’t use social media to just post listings or drone on about nothing but real estate! You want to get folks running in the other direction? Then, go ahead and constantly tell them about you and your homes for sale.

Don’t beat folks over the head with real estate news and info. Most folks will gladly ignore a one dimensional online marketing campaign by a real estate broker who thinks their social media accounts are just a place to showcase their listings and recently sold homes!

Instead, tell your Facebook friends…connect with those on Twitter and Linkedin about the intricacies of the home inspection process…educate them on Google Plus and drive them to the safety of your real estate website to learn about you and your brand…they will come back for more time and time again!!!