The Future of the 2013 Real Estate Market - Infographic

The future of the 2013 Real Estate Market is looking sunny!

A survey of over 2,400 Real Estate Professionals that was conducted by Activerain tells a rosy story for the future of the 2013 real estate market.  Activerain is a blogging platform that specializes in Real Estate and has over 300, 000 real estate clients.  They took a survey of their clients and compiled the date to create the below Infographic.

A recent National Association of Realtors® (NAR) article[i] claims that existing home sales jumped more than 9 percent in 2012 (the largest increase in five years) and home inventory levels hit a five-year low in December 2012.

Real Estate Values

84% of those surveyed believe that home prices will increase in 2013

That is a 133% increase in confidence over 2012

Real Estate Transactions

84% also think that the number of transaction will increase in 2013

And 17% think it will be a dramatic increase

New Construction 

77% of the surveyed think that New Construction will increase in 2013

That is an 83% increase in confidence over 2012

West Coast is the Best Coast

According to these 2,430 real estate professionals there is going to be some serious recovery on the west coast.

  • With San Diego, San Fransisco, San Jose, Oakland, Los Angeles, Pheonix, West Palm Beach and Portland being on the list of top 10 cities for Real Estate Value Appreciation.
  • Salt Lake City, and Portland being on the top 10 Long Term Real Estate Markets

While the surveyed do not feel as good about the Canadian Real Estate Market.

Take a look at all the stats on the Future of the 2013 Real Estate Market Infographic below:


Real Estate Is Back – 2013 ActiveRain Survey




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