Yelp Reviews For Your Business

Tips For Getting More Yelp Reviews For Your Business

In terms of business reviews,Yelp runs the show; at least the online portion of it.

For small and local business owners, getting reviews on Yelp (assuming they’re positive) can be a tremendous help and boost to your business, especially in the age of the smartphone, where that kind of information is so readily available.

“For the first time in Yelp history,over 100 million unique visitors came to the site in a one-month period. That’s an all-time high for traffic to the desktop and mobile site and a clear indication that people are looking for local businesses and finding them on Yelp.” (Jeremy, Yelp CEO)

Not only does it have the potential to bring in new customers, but it builds your brand and helps you to connect with current customers who appreciate what you’re doing and enjoy your product or service.


Yelp Reviews For Your Business

Yelp is particularly friendly to local bars and restaurants, although any business can potentially receive reviews.

If you’re not sure if your business is on Yelp, searching for it by name and location will probably turn up an unclaimed listing, which you can then claim (if you do in fact own the business) and begin leveraging for both reviews and exposure.


But getting reviews doesn’t just happen, and it’s never good to get negative press, so let’s look at a few strategies for getting positive feedback on Yelp.


1. Mailing lists — If you have a mailing list for your business, one of the best ways to start collecting Yelp reviews is to send out a “We’re on Yelp!” message to your subscribers. Chances are that if someone has offered up their email address for a mailing list, then they’re going to be much more likely to write a positive review for you.

2. Advertise your Yelp page in-house — Businesses come up with all kinds of creative ways to get their Facebook and Twitter accounts in front of customers. Business cards, menus, posters, and flyers are all fair game for advertising social media along with your brand. Use the same kind of methods for advertising your Yelp account.

Since Yelp isn’t strictly social media, it’s a good idea to separate it from those accounts with its own space. When people see the Yelp signage in your business, they’ll be more likely to pull up the app on their phones and write a quick review. All you’ve got to do is remind them that your business is on there.

3. Respond to reviews — Whether you get a positive or negative review, try and take the time to respond to it. Business owners are typically pretty busy, and aren’t likely to have extra time, but keep in mind that Yelp will be friendlier to businesses who are active on their own accounts.

4. Be worth a positive review — If you want to get reviews, the hope is that they would always be positive. Truth be told, no matter who you are or how great your business is, there are people who will just hate it with little reason. But if you really want positive and enthusiastic reviews, put the work into your business to make people want to do that one their own.

You can advertise your Yelp page all you want, but if people aren’t genuinely impressed with your business, you won’t get many reviews; at least not positive ones.


Not a Deal Breaker

Yelp isn’t likely to make or break your business. However it is nice to have an active and positive forum for reviews. The more you can accumulate, the better your reputation will be and the more visibility you’ll receive as a result. Don’t bet the farm on Yelp, but keep it in mind as a valuable tool and resource.



Guest Post: Marcela De Vivo is a freelance writer in Southern California. Knowing the importance of making her business, Gryffin Media, one which people want to speak highly of, she is constantly working toward this everyday.

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