Top 40 Most Engaging Images On Facebook by Top Brands

How do you get people to engage with you on your Facebook Page?  You might just need to pay for it… but that is a post for another day.  And even if you decide to pay for a Facebook ad, or a promoted post, you will need something to promote.

“Photos Make Up 93% of The Most Engaging Posts on Facebook!”SocialBakers

Clearly if we want to get engagement on our Facebook Page we are going to need to use images.  What are the Most Engaging Images on Facebook?  The images that have already proven to work?

Here is your inspiration…

Top 40 Most Engaging Images on Facebook by top Brands

The reason I use brands in this example is because if you just use the Overall most engaging images on Facebook… they are all pictures of stars.  Will Smith, Miley Cyrus, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, etc.  Well if you just try posting a picture of your CFO I just don’t think you will have the same results.

In order to find the 40 most engaging images on Facebook we first need to find the 40 top brand pages on Facebook.  Thank you to Social Bakers for that information.

Walmart is number 1?  Only in America.

Then I used a handy little tool called Post Planner to find the most “viral” image for each of these pages.

Post Planner

If you have a monthly budget for building Facebook Engagement and do not have the staff… this tool could be a great find for you.  You can que up your Facebook Page posts for the next month in just a few minutes.

The app pulls up viral questions from your industry, viral images, and viral posts that you can choose to share.  Good Stuff!


40 Engaging Images

Here is the list of the most viral images from each of the top 50 most engaged pages on Facebook.

1.  Walmart

Most Engaging Images On Facebook

What makes this image appealing?  It seems that images of food are highly engaging… but this one conjures up memories of our childhood.


Most Engaging Images On Facebook

What is not engaging about a light sabre.

3. Target

Many of the images have a common theme… they are seasonal.  This one mentions Easter, but more importantly is offering a free gift card.

4. Samsung Mobile

Cool toys.

5. Subway

Combining healthy eating with the Muppets.

6. Starbuck’s

This one just makes you feel comfortable.

7. Macy’s


Cool toys.

8. Skittle’s

I like this one as it is all about engaging their fans.

9. Dr Pepper

This one tries to be clever… I don’t appreciate it, but 30k other fans did.

10. Coca Cola

Appealing to a specific region.

11. Buffalo Wild Wings

Beer and wings!  Just saying it is engaging.

12. Oreo

This one is clever.  It combines a competition, a twitter campaign, using the trendy idea of “life hacking” or in this case Snack hacking, and images of food.

13. Victoria’s Secret

No explanation needed.

14. Reese’s

Seasonal, and offering a solution.


15. McDonald’s


Who doesn’t like McDonald’s fries in the shape of a Sun?

16. iTunes


Images of Rock Star’s will probably always work.

17. Kohl’s

Viral IMage

Seasonal and special discount for fans only.

18. Monster Energy


Cool toys.

19. Starburst

Starburst Viral IMage


20. Taco Bell

This one actually makes Taco Bell Taco’s look good.

21. X Box

This is one of my favorites.  Simple and creative way to be seasonal.

22. Playstation

Cool toys.

23. Converse

Classic seasonal.

24. Victoria’s Secret Pink

Pure product promotion… I don’t see the appeal.  Other than I also hate running.

25. Dunkin Donut’s

Rows and rows of Donut’s.

26. Old Navy


Seasonal and a seasonal solution.

27. Chick-fil-a

This one is also a favorite.  A direct response to their fans in a creative way.

28. Bud Light

The one and only Meme, thank goodness.

29. Mountain Dew


Seasonal and directed to fans.

30.  Red Bull

Amazing imagery.

31. Verizon Wireless


Cute kids and ice cream.

32. Country Outfitter

Rock Stars and free boots.

33. Gerber



34. Pepsi

More Rock Star’s.

35. American Eagle Outfitter’s

This one is fun.  Using their clothes to dress up a dog.  And using a call to action.

36. Bath & Body Works

Viral Facebook Images

Seasonal (Mother’s Day).

37. Gatorade


Amazing imagery.

38. Aéropostale

This one at first glance seems like just product promotion… but what makes it good is that they are giving a you complete outfit idea.  And using the “Like A Boss” slang.

39. Pizza Hut

Real people enjoying the new pizza creation?

40. Olive Garden

Seasonal shameless promotion.  But over 115k people thought it looked good.


Take Away

The 40 Most engaging images on Facebook by brand shows that their is more than 1 way to get your fans engaged.

  • Each brand was not shy about promoting their product, but there were many creative ways of doing it.
  • Most of the brands capitalized on a seasonal theme; Spring, Mother’s Day, Easter, etc.
  • Most of the images were “eye-catching” in some way.
  • Many of the images included a contest or promotion.
  • Many of the images were focused on the fans.

Only 1 brand used a Meme.