7 Strenghts of a Successful blog

Top 7 Strengths of a Successful Blog


Do you want to make your blog successful? Do you know how to take your blog to the next level?

If you are blogger or someone who is just about to start one, we have indicated here some useful tips that could make your blog a success.

 We have studied various successful blogs and taken notes on the strengths that put them ahead of their games.

 We want to share with you the strengths that we have observed because we want you to have a successful blog too.

 Go ahead. Read on.


1. Quality content


The first of the 7 strengths of a successful blog is having quality content. Quality content drives visitors to your site.

People visit a blog because they are looking for information or they just want to be entertained. But either way, you should capture their attention and make them want to read more by giving them interesting and informative content to read. When doing this, you will capture a solid number of readers. The word will spread and over time the number of readers will increase. This is a sure formula for making a blog successful.

Also, place quality content regularly so that there is always something new to visit.


2.  Strategic SEO


SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is important in making your blog successful. This is because SEO helps to promote your blog or website online. There are various ways to use SEO to your advantage, this can be done through using and positioning of keywords, using of back links, usage of crawl-able URLs , maintaining of structured contents etc… 

With SEO, the goal is to strategically place your blog online to increase viewership among online users. You may hire an SEO expert or study it on your own. It’s your choice.


3.  Effective use of social media


Successful blogs utilizes social media well. In order to drive huge traffic to your blog or website, you have to strongly establish your social media presence. How can you expect people to view your blog if they are not aware that you have a blog? 

You can use social media to let people know that your blog exists. There are various social media plaform’s that you could use such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin, guest blogging to popular sites etc…

No matter how good your content is, if people do not know that you have a good blog then do not expect to become successful. Make your existence known. Establish your online presence.


4. Right connections


Making connection for your blog to become known can be done both online and offline. You already know how to start connecting online. Now, this is how you can establish your connection offline; interact with people. This could be by joining certain groups, attending bloggers’ meet ups or just having dinner with friends. The people that you will interact with have their own networks and they might have the right sources, connections or information that you don’t know yet and can be useful to establish a stronger online presence. 

You can see that making connection and establishing good relationships are important whether it is online or offline in order to drive traffic to your blog.


5. Attractive blog design


Online viewers will usually take 15-20 seconds to gauge whether they will stay longer to your blog or not. This few seconds is critical; you have to make sure that your blog will attract them. 

How can you do this? By letting them experience a blog that has an awesome design.

Even if you have great content, but the design is not attractive enough, very few will have a second look to consider your content. You must have both attractive design and substantial content. 

Make your blog attractive by choosing background colors that are pleasing to the readers’ eyes, use texts and fonts that are readable and have photos that are stunning. It has to be easy on the eyes. Your blog design must be elegant, simple and unique. It has to stand out from the rest. 

Don’t make it hard for your readers. Give them a good experience to your blog and they will come back.


7. Good blog usability


Blog usability is all about making your readers happy by having a blog that is clear, well-designed and easy to explore. 

Primarily, you have to introduce yourself to the readers, the purpose of your blog and what they can expect from your blog. Early on, you have to establish what kind of readers you want to attract. 

When you are done with these, you must plan the lay out of your blog. You must carefully consider what kind of software that you will used. The titles, photos, contents and archives have to be placed where they should be. Do not confuse or frustrate your readers. Have efficient buttons, links and forms that are easy to use and function well.


 8. Give some freebies


Win the loyalty of your established readers and attract new ones by giving freebies. Hey, who doesn’t want free things?

You have to think of something that you readers will value. It has to be unique and something that they will appreciate. It can be giving, for free, your best seller e-book or newsletter, free membership to an elite group of bloggers or free admission to a popular industry seminar.

Definitely, your followers will be touched by your effort. Be creative as much as you can with your freebies. The more distinct the freebies the better.


Now, go and make your blog successful.


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