Twitter FollowersSo I am on my Twitter and looking at my Twitter Followers trying to decide who I want to follow back.  As a side note, I will generally only follow back Real Estate Professionals, Fellow Marketing Professionals, interesting or influential people. As I am quickly scanning the 50 or so new followers to decide who fits my criteria I notice a couple of SIMPLE things that people are not doing, that lands them in my no follow pile.  First let me tell you what I want to avoid, Bots and Shameless Self Promoters.  Bots are “fake” profiles that are created to simply try to sell some online product, or worse a scam, with no human connection.  Self promoters are real people that are constantly shoving themselves down your throat, often Rappers, MLM’ers, or Porn Sites.

3 Simple Twitter TipsThere are 3 things I look at while quickly making this decision.  1.  Photo 2. Title 3. Description.  This is my Simple Twitter Tip To Get More Twitter Followers:

1.  No Photo = No Follow! I saw a follower whose description said Marketing, SEO, etc, and had a good name, but no photo.  How could you be a good marketing company if you don’t take the time to put a photo on your Twitter Profile?

2. Bad Title = No Follow! Nothing that sounds scammy; make money fast, hot stock tips, names I don’t understand, or vulgarity, etc.

3. No Description or Over Salesy Description = No Follow! I need to know what you bring to the table, and I am ok with you trying to sell me something from time to time, but I also want to know you.

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