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How To: Twitter For Business Strategy

Before you tell me I don’t know what I am talking about, please read the Headline:  Twitter For Business.  Not Twitter for social gain.  If you are looking for how to use Twitter to make twiends, and find tweet ups this is not the right post.  

Your goal for using twitter for business is to get as many followers as you can, and generate as many links as you can.  In order to generate traffic, increase brand awareness, and monitor your brand.

Before you start this process, or one like it… Have your profile completely filled out with an image, and preferably a Custom Twitter Header.


How To Get Followers

DO NOT PAY FOR THEM!  While I have not done this, I can only imagine the garbage that would be associated to your account.

Unless you are a celebrity, you need to first Follow people, and wait for them to follow you back.  In order to follow quality Twitter users I would recommend a tool like Tweepi.

You can follow people based on Topics, or follow people that follow a high profile Twitter user.

There is a limit to how many people you can follow in a day, Twitter will let you know when you have reached your limit.

Once you have followed your limit, wait a few days and see how many people follow you back.  Once you given them time to follow you back, 3 or 4 days.  You can use a tool to unfollow people that are not following you back.

Don’t forget to !

To Add A Twitter Follow Button To Your Site:


Once You Have An Audience

Once you have a few thousand followers, or people that will hear your message, or possibly ReTweeters, Website Visitors, or maybe even potential clients, it is time to start generating links.

According to Guy Kawasaki, “The currency of Twitter is links.  The way to get street cred is to share great content, whether it’s your own, or that of others.”

You need to have a Marketing Hub, WordPress Website, Fan Page, Blogger, Tumblr, something that allows you to create and publish content.

Then you need to feed that content to twitter in the form of a link.

Crafting a Twitter Link:

The Title of this post is:  “Easy Twitter For Business Strategy”  

The Link is: ””

My Tweet will look like:  “Learn an Easy Twitter For Business Strategy — — #Twitter #SMB”

This should be both Automatically and Manually added to your Twitter for business Feed!

Automatically Generating Links

Feed your Marketing Hubs RSS Feed into a Social Media Syndication tool.  There are a ton of these tools.  I currently use Onlywire, but I have used and Hootsuite with success.

Manually Generating Links

I post my links 10 times in a day, using Bufferapp.  With Bufferapp you can load your links onto the site and schedule them to be posted at certain times throughout a day.  The idea is that all of your followers will have the opportunity to see your post, no matter what time of day they log on to Twitter.

You can not Tweet the “Exact Same” tweet on Twitter.  When you are loading your 10 tweets you need to make slight variations in each one.


Follow Some Etiquette

 When someone responds to something you tweet, or mentions you, or your brand you need to respond.

At the very least make sure your Twitter notifications are turned on.

However, you should take a few minutes and set up a Twitter Monitoring tool such as Hootsuite or Tweetdeck.  I personally use Hootsuite, but different people like either one better.

I found a good article to explain how to set up your Twitter for business account for Twitter Monitoring.

For Example:

  • If someone mentions you (@JasonFox_me) you should reply to their mention
  • If someone retweets (RT) your link you may want to say thank you or return the favor
  • If someone talks about your brand or a topic you are following (#SocialMedia) you may want to answer a question
  • If someone follows you, you may want to follow them back

 Bottom line here is to not miss an opportunity to connect with your your potential clients.


Twitter For Business Summary

Get as many followers as you can to hear your message.

Send your message to your new audience in the form of a link.

Monitor your results.



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  1. Kapil Jekishan April 11, 2013 at 4:08 am - Reply

    Great Advice Jason – I have seen way too many Twitter accounts with fake followers strictly for the purposes of ‘social proof’ .If you have a Twitter management system and utilize tools such as TweetAdder then I can’t see any reason why your Twitter fan base won’t expand organically. Cheers!

    • Jason Fox April 11, 2013 at 9:50 am - Reply

      Thank you Kapil. True, once you have a little system going, people will just start to follow you. And in return you will get more visitors to your website.

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