“Signs will often attract curious passersby who may not be actively looking for a home. But that’s the point.”  (RealtorMag)


There have been many real estate coaching gurus such as Tom Ferry, that have been coaching us on the idea of holding “Mega” Open Houses in the past couple of years.

“One of the new moves in home selling is the “mega open house”. This is your broker’s open house…on steroids. Seriously, do it up!” says Tom Ferry.

That’s right the Open house is so hot right now.  And why not?  Where else are you going to find yourself in a room full of real estate buyers and sellers while you are providing a service for your current client.

They say, if you are going to hold an Open House, then go all out to advertise your listing and yourself to as many potential clients as possible.


Mega Open House


So what goes in to pulling off a Mega Open House?

A lot of marketing work is done the week leading up to the “Mega” Open House.

We like to combine many old school and new school strategies in the marketing stage including:

  • Canvass the neighborhood with invitations to a neighbor VIP early viewing right before the public Open House.
  • Canvass “move-up” neighborhoods in the same school district, with info flyers for potential families looking to upgrade.
  • Blast PDF info flyers on social networks and email lists.
  • Create a single property website for the open house.
  • Post the open house on REALTOR.com, Trulia, Zillow, and the MLS.
  • Network with local businesses and fellow agents

These are just a few of the many marketing strategies leading up to a “Mega” Open House.

Then, Game day, have a feature that puts your Open House above and beyond the typical.

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We’ve tried many things, from food trucks out front to hiring a face painter for the kids.  Serving lunch, dinner, and desert.  Offering beer, wine, and cocktails.  With music and without. Gone with holiday themes or sporting event themes that are going on during the event.

Try to think outside the box and create an atmosphere that people will want to come to and stay at.

Signs Signs Everywhere Signs


Most Open House pros suggest you use between 20 and 40 signs to advertise the open house.  Make sure to place the signs so that they direct people to the open house.

For the most part, the signage for Open Houses has remained the same. You know the one, little red house shaped sign with various verbiage and a thin metal stake.

We grew tired of constantly trying to find new tactics to offset the mundane red house.

Tactics of which most real estate agents can relate to:

  • Adding helium balloons
  • Attaching mini American flags
  • And the ever popular shotgun method of placing 10 signs on the median in front of the neighborhood


We were putting in all this effort to stand out from the crowd before and during the Open House, but our signage was the same as the agent whose only effort was putting out an open house sign 5 minutes after it began.

Mega Open House Sign Kit


My team and I came up with the Mega Open House sign kit to stand out from the ordinary and get potential clients to actually stop at our Open House.

The kit includes 14 individual signs in a cardboard carrying case:

  • 18” high letters that spell out “OPEN HOUSE!”
  • 2 direction arrows
  • 1 house shape
  • 1 star
  • Ground Stakes

This allows for maximum advertising coverage for any outdoor area, you can space the signs as close or as far apart as you wish.

Mega Open House Sign

We are offering these kits on our website, www.realestategiftshop.com as well as on Amazon.




Looking for another way to generate leads… don’t forget about the tried and true open house.

Step your open house game up and host a Mega Open House.

True this unique Open House sign to help you stand out from the crowd and draw people in.


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(As a note we do not make any commission on the sale of the sign we just thought it was a cool idea.)