Why you should use hootsuite for social media marketing

Why You Should Use Hootsuite For Social Media Marketing

Managing social media marketing is not a child’s play anymore. With the presence of a host of social networking sites, it may become tiring for you to track developments on these sites. That is why a huge number of entrepreneurs have turned to Hootsuite for social media marketing.

“HootSuite is an essential tool for managing social networks by allowing teams to efficiently track conversations and measure campaign results.”- Pete Cashmore, CEO, Mashable

It is a social media manager, which can help you in streamlining all your marketing efforts. Are you wondering Why You Should Use HootSuite For Social Media Marketing ?

Read on to know why:

Post anytime from anywhere

Hootsuite is the perfect tool for scheduling the timings of your posts. This tool lets you select the date and the time when you would like to publish your posts. Is your post best suited for the teenagers? Then, use Hootsuite, and schedule its publishing between 3 PM and 6 PM.

With this great tool, you can even cater to your audience that lives in different time zones. Just write your posts and save them in Drafts. Now, mention the hour as per the other time zone.

Hootsuite enables your posts to appear exactly when it will grab the most attention. Hence, you can post as usual even when you are on a vacation.

Remarkable speed

When you are working with Hootsuite, you do not have to worry about speed. This web tool allows your posts to appear fast and thus, you will never miss the attention of your target audience.

Use it on any device

Irrespective of the device you own, you can use Hootsuite for social media marketing. You can manage your social media marketing from your Apple device, android phone, and BlackBerry as well. 

Perform a variety of tasks 

You can use Hootsuite for performing the tasks that are related to all your social media accounts. You can prioritize your RSS feeds by keeping the ones that are important to your business and discarding the rest. Moreover, you can view all your social connections at a single place. You can also organize them in columns for greater convenience. 

Let your connections know when you post something new

After publishing a blog post, you cannot relax right away. You are not sure whether your target audience has read your content because they have no knowledge of your latest entry. If you try posting comments on every social network to announce your latest post, then you risk losing your productive time.

Hootsuite has the answer to this problem. It will tell all your connections about your updated blog right after you have posted the new content.

Use analytics for tracking your progress

As an entrepreneur, you need to keep track of every social networking account. You are required to know how much useful every account is. You must already be using tools like Google Analytics and Facebook Insights. However, with Hootsuite, you can integrate these analytics tools of the social sites and get a deeper analysis.

Along with getting information about how your keywords are performing over the social media, you will be able to spot bounce rates, and the number of page views as per geographic location. You can also generate the analysis report and share it with your team members from your Hootsuite account.

Attend to your customers promptly

Customer service is an important aspect of every business. Have you received a customer grievance but you cannot attend to it?

Hootsuite has an advanced feature, which allows you to assign tasks to your team members. Hence, when you are unable to carry out a task on your own, by using Hootsuite, you can delegate the same to your team member’s.

You can use the same feature for replying to your blog comments or for handling other consumer related issues also.

Track mentions on Twitter, and respond in real-time

You can search those conversations, which have specifically mentioned the name of your products or your company. The best feature of Hootsuite is that you will be able to find even those conversations that did not credit your company or product with @ reply. Responding to these conversations, and set up new connections easily.

Get latest news about your keywords and create buzz

Hootsuite has an option using which you can track keywords related to your industry. In case, you discover that a user has asked the question’s about a relevant keyword then you can answer to them and create a good impression on others. By witnessing your expertise, people will be encouraged to do business with you.

You can also find discussions about your industry. Join them and become a formidable representative of your business.

Are you using Hootsuite for social media marketing?  If so please share your experience.
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    Social media marketing today is flourishing and it’s a great tool especially if you are promoting something.

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        No jason, I just agree with your idea here and I have read good reviews with Hootsuite actually.

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