Mail Personalized Real Estate Cards

Use Ink App To Mail Personalized Real Estate Cards To FSBO’s

If you mail personalized real estate cards it still goes along way with potential clients.  Who has the time?  What if you could do it with a couple of click on your iPhone, Droid, or iPad, would you?  

You can make an Impression with possible clients with a couple clicks, a couple minutes, and a couple cents!

 Mail Personalized Real Estate Cards To FSBO’s

Here is the scenario:

You are driving by a For Sale By Owner (FSBO) and know that you could help to sell the property faster and probably pay for your commission and still make the seller slightly more profit.  But how do you get the opportunity to share your secret?

Option 1 – Do nothing.  Nothing lost nothing gained.

Option 2 – Stop and knock on the door and hope they are home.

Option 3 – Take the information down and do something about it tomorrow….

Option 4 – Take out your smartphone and mail a personalized real estate card to the homeowner.


Ink Cards App

Ink cards app makes it simple for you to mail personalized real estate cards to FSBO’s, current clients, possible clients you just met at an open house, your working network (brokers, roofers, stagers, lenders).  Really, who does not appreciate receiving a card in the mail?


Find a FSBO you would like to work with.

Take a picture of the home.

Fire up your Ink Cards App.

Pick a template for your card.

Upload the photo of the home you just took a picture of.

Write a short note explaining how much you love the seller’s home.  And you would love to show them how they could sell their home faster and for more money using the 3 P’s.  Price, Presentation, and Promotion.  Include phone number state that you will follow-up in 3 days to explain further.

Mail the personalized real estate card using the Ink Card App.

Follow up with the seller in 3 days.

Make more money!


You can get access to the Ink Cards App here

Cards are $1.99 each (Custom Image, Custom Notes Front and Back, and Mailed)


Not Just For Real Estate FSBO’s

Using the Ink App for Real Estate FSBO’s is smart business, but you can use the app for so much more. 

For example:  The app has a Facebook Birthday feature.  You can link your Social CRM (Facebook) to the app and instantly mail personalized birthday cards to your people, on time.

Really who doesn’t like to get a Card in the mail?

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