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What it is Really Like To Be A Real Estate Agent [ #Infographic ]

When I think of what it is like to be a real estate agent, I think of a map.  A wide open map with no real boundaries, a few rules, and limitless expectations.

When I think of what it takes to be a real estate agent, I think from the perspective of building a web presence.  And I have to admit it can be intimidating.

The reason it seems intimidating to start to build a web presence for a real estate agent is the same reason why it is also so exciting… because sky is the limit!

To me Real Estate represents everything tangible.  From the stores we shop in, to the parks we play in, to the buildings we live in, and even the streets we drive on.  When you think Real Estate, you think Oceans, Lakes, and Rivers, you think Schools, School Districts, and PTA, you think Crime, Public Transit, and Parks and Recreation, you think about Walkability and Drivability, you think Weather and Seasons, you think Restaurants, Shops, and Markets, you think Traffic and Sidewalks, and you even think Government.  All of that, and more, and we haven’t even started talking about houses.

One of the first questions I will ask a new Real Estate Agent client is what their Niche is.  This question is both as simple as focusing on Luxury or Fixer uppers, A neighborhood or City, Foreclosures or New Construction, or one of the million of niche’s in between, and as difficult as choosing just one.


What It Is Really Like To Be A Real Estate Agent

Worrying about your Internet Marketing strategy is just one piece of the puzzle and just one of the hundred’s of things that you must consider if you being a real estate agent is your career choice.

The team at Placester Real Estate Websites created the Infographic below and “The infographic relies primarily on data that we gathered from our recent survey of 137 agents from around the country. Our goal with the survey — and the infographic — is to bring more transparency to the profession so new agents know what to expect” (source: Placester)

Infographic Highlights:

  • 53% of Real Estate Agents spend more than $500 year on technology
  • 22% of agents said their smartphone was the most important piece of technology
  • 60% of agents prospect for leads… Daily
  • 15% of agents said cutting edge technology was the best way to distinguish yourself (I agree 100%)
  • 78% of agents took 6 months or more to support themselves financially
  • 62% of agents spend an hour a day on Real Estate Marketing
  • 57 is the median age of an agent up from 56 last year
  • 57% of agents are female (No surprise here)
  • 1/3 of agents polled have been in the business for 10 or more years

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