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A Change In How Real Estate Clients Contact Us

While searching for a vacation rental recently (on my smart phone of course), I saw a property listing I was curious about.

There was an option to either:

  • Call the phone number or
  • Inquire about the listing through the online form where I could leave my name, email, and phone number.

I didn’t even hesitate for a second! I was in ‘research’ mode so I filled out the form to wait for an email response.

So what’s the point?

Your listings with the sign-posts and your name on them are one the bbestforms of advertisement you have! In years past, if a potential buyer or seller driving around was curious about a listing (and there were no more flyers in the box), they would actually call you! This is not the case any longer. Most of us prefer communicating FIRST by email, then by phone (maybe).

Imagine if for every one of the listings you’ve ever taken, you got:

  • One buyer who purchased another home through you
  • One additional listing as a result of the first

Where would your business be if a strategy and system along that line was in place? Now ask yourself these 2 questions:

  • “How have I changed the way I market properties since 2001?”
  • “What’s my plan to convert email/internet inquiries vs. just waiting for the phone to ring?”

If you start to change a few of your systems and strategies, 2012 could be your best year ever.

Where Do You Have Your Phone Number On Marketing That You Could Covert To Email or Your Website, For Your Real Estate Clients To Reach You More Comfortably?

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