Why Would You Use The Hashtag #Infographic

What is the hashtag
Have you seen people using the #Hashtag and thought, what is the point of that?

Many of us probably thought as long as we stayed away from Twitter, we were safe from the hashtag… then it reared its ugly head on Facebook.

At first glance most hashtagged words #LookLikeGooglyGock and at second glance it usually is.


Why would you use the Hashtag?  

Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Google + all use this little symbol and for a reason.

“Hashtags make it possible to group such messages, since one can search for the hashtag and get the set of messages that contain it. A hashtag is only connected to a specific medium and can therefore not be linked and connected to pictures or messages from different platforms.” – Wikipedia

By placing a #hashtag in front of a word or unspaced phrase you are tagging, or marking, or categorizing, your content on the social media platforms.  If readers of a social media platform would like more information in regards to a hash tagged term they can click on the #hashtag and find content from others that have been tagged with the same hashtag.

For Example:

If you wrote a blog post about Roof Maintenance and decided to share it on Twitter, Facebook, or Google + you might add the hashtag #RoofMaintenance .

If someone on Google+ was reading your post, but wanted more information about the subject Roof Maintenance they could click the highlighted #RoofMaintenance and they could see the latest posts on Google + that were tagged with #RoofMaintenance.


WHY Would YOU use the #Hashtag?

To help explain the POWER of the hashtag, or how it can help you get more traffic, leads, and sales I will reference an #Infographic I found.

This “The Power Of The #hashtag” Infographic was made with l0ve by The Huffington Post


The Infographic is broken down into 4 sections:

  1. #ThePower
  2. #TheBasics
  3. #BestPractices
  4. #ExtraCredit



  • Help drive brand recognition
  • Boost the reach of an Ad Campaign
  • Positively impact customer loyalty



  • #Keyword or #UnspacedPhrase or #Branding or #EventDescription
  • #Hashtags can occur anywhere in the Post, Tweet, Update, Share
  • #Hashtags will not get indexed if your account is set to private



  • #Dont #Overdue #The #Amount #Of #Hashtags #That #You #Use #In #An #Update
  • Choose a single hashtag to use for your branding
  • Consider setting up a “Twitter Chat” or event around the use of hashtags
  • Consider using your branding hashtag offline
  • Try to use hashtags that are clear and easy to remember and are on topic with what you are sharing



Apparently this Infographic was funded by American Express, and if you are interested in earning double points you can get the Business Gold Rewards Card.


The Power of The Hashtag Infographic

how to use hashtags

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To use a #Hashtag

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