Curious To See if SEO Works Here Is My WordPress SEO Progress


My WordPress SEO Progress Report

This is my ongoing WordPress SEO Progress Report.  I first shared my data at 2 months, you can see the WordPress SEO Progress Report 2 Months here.  

You may be wondering why I would want to share this data… I want people to see that SEO works.  And I figure if I can get results on my blog than people will know that it can work for anybody.


Alexa Ranking – Alexa is a division of Amazon that measures Website Traffic.

4 Months Ago: Alexa = 8,895,562  |  Today: Alexa = 256,689


Traffic – Rather than tell you my stats I thought it would be best to show you.  This is for the last 30 days:

wordpress seo progress

11,266 Unique Visitors in the last 30 days. 

This Analytics report was created using my CloudFlare account… but Google Analytics, or Get Clicky could also be used.


Backlinks – Are the number of websites that have a link to your website from their website, and is crucial for good WordPress SEO:

4 Months Ago: Backlinks = 0  |  Today: Backlinks = 329


MozRank – Is the “grading” of your links.  Having a large number of links is good, but having your links on quality websites is better:

4 Months Ago: Mozrank = 0 out of 10  |  Today: Mozrank = 4.5 out of 10

There are other factors you can measure the effectiveness of your WordPress SEO, like Google SERP and Pagerank, particular keyword effectiveness, Social Sharing, etc.  However, I thought this data would provide a sufficient snapshot of my efforts.


You can test your URL for Alexa, MozRank, PR, and inbound Links using this SEO Toolbar


PS.  These results have been achieved 100% by White Hat Google Webmaster Guideline driven WordPress SEO techniques.  I do not use Pay Per Clicks, or Ads, or Shady SEO tricks.

What tools do you use to measure your WordPress SEO Progress?

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