My WordPress SEO Progress Report:  After 2 Months

Wordpress SEO AnalyticsThere are many ways to track the effectiveness of your WordPress SEO campaign and I am going to tell you about a few of them.  Afterall, what good is SEO if you can not track it.  Let me first lay the groundwork.  For the past 3 years I put 100% of my efforts into building up other businesses and websites.  3 months ago I began focusing my efforts on marketing, primarily, the site you are on.  The first month was concentrated on research, design, classes, and getting organized.  In effect, 2 months ago a WordPress SEO campaign began on a brand new site, with a brand new URL on a brand new server.  I want to show you what has happened:

Alexa Ranking – Simply put Alexa ranks websites based on traffic.

2 Months Ago: Alexa = 8,895,562  |  Today: Alexa = 498,368

Traffic – Rather than tell you my stats I thought it would be best to show you.  This is for the last 30 days:

Wordpress SEO Analytics

This Analytics report was created using my CloudFlare account… but Google Analytics, or Get Clicky could also be used.

Backlinks – Are the number of websites that have a link to your website from their website, and is crucial for good WordPress SEO:

2 Months Ago: Backlinks = 0  |  Today: Backlinks = 261

MozRank – Is the “grading” of your links.  Having a large number of links is good, but having your links on quality websites is better:

2 Months Ago: Mozrank = 0 out of 10  |  Today: Mozrank = 2.65 out of 10

There are other factors you can measure the effectiveness of your WordPress SEO, like Google SERP and Pagerank, particular keyword effectiveness, Social Sharing, etc.  However, I thought this data would provide a sufficient snapshot of my efforts.

You can test your URL for Alexa, MozRank, PR, and inbound Links using this Domain Hammer tool.

PS.  These results have been achieved 100% by White Hat Google Webmaster Guideline driven WordPress SEO techniques.  I do not use Pay Per Clicks, or Ads, or Shady SEO tricks.

What tools do you use to measure your effectiveness?

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