Wordpress SEO is not built in a day.Just Like Rome, WordPress SEO (search engine optimization) can not be built in a day.

Be suspicious of any WordPress SEO company that says you will see immediate results.  Or guarantees that you will be the top result on Google, Bing or Yahoo.  I am not saying that it is not possible but not something that can be guaranteed.  That being said it is easy to get you the top result on Google, Bing, or Yahoo for bad Keywords.

For example: “Long Toed Camel Fur” I imagine one or two blog posts about that subject and you would rank #1 on Google, Bing, or Yahoo every time someone put those keywords in the search bar.  It is important that the Keywords that you end up ranking for are relevant to your business and make sense.

For example: If I were a company that sold glass windows, I would not want my keyword to be just Windows.  Once I started to rank for the word Windows I would realize that a high percentage of the people coming to my site were looking for Software… Microsoft Windows.

Wordpress SEO on GoogleWhen employing a WordPress SEO strategy it should conform to Google’s Webmaster Guidelines, this is called “White Hat” Techniques.  Those that do not conform to those standards are called “Black Hat” Techniques.  Using “Black Hat” Techniques will often times get you faster results, it also puts your website in danger.  Danger that Google could find out about these techniques and Black List your site, or that the quick results could be short lived as the Engineers get smarter and update the algorithm to prevent those techniques from working.  Steer clear of “Black Hat” WordPress SEO companies.

Wordpress SEO for BingOptimizing your WordPress site for Maximum WordPress SEO effectiveness requires putting keyword rich content on your site.  But there is such thing as bad content.

Two things to look out for to prevent getting bad content are:

1. Make sure that the content is not scraped from a different source.  If I were to find a great article on a different WordPress Blog and simply copy that content and paste it into one of my posts that would not be effective.  Besides the fact that it is not ethical, plagiarism anyone?

2. The content could be original and keyword rich following all the proper guidelines, but it still has to be engaging.  If you draw me to your blog using the Search Engines you will loose me quickly if your article sucks.

What is one thing that you learnt today that will help you make a decision about your WordPress SEO?

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