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Your Customers are on Mobile. Are You Mobile Advertising?

According to Google, mobile advertising will be the largest and most effective advertising platform in the US by 2015.  Industry stats already show mobile advertising outperforming Internet advertising by nine times*. 

 Mobile Marketing Google Predictions What is Mobile Advertising?

As you surf the Internet on your smart phone or play your favorite game, you’ll notice a barrage of banner ads taking over the top and bottom of your phone.  You’ll notice the ads placed in between website pages and even ads strategically placed in games that offer the user more points just for watching the advertisement.  They’re everywhere.  

When you take a closer look, you’ll notice the majority of these ads are messages from big name brands like:

  • Honda
  • Walgreens
  • AT&T

Large brands work with agencies that have entire teams dedicated to understanding of mobile advertising trends and know how to implement them. 

However, according to Business Insider, the closer users are to a business, the more likely they are to click through a mobile banner ad for that business.  While increasing brand awareness for the large advertisers does work on mobile, small businesses are losing a huge opportunity to find new customers easily. 

Most small businesses and real estate professionals don’t have the time or capacity to learn about mobile advertising and simple ways to implement it. 

They often try their luck in the daily deal space, but end up disappointed and frustrated when customers don’t return and the cost per customer is so high. 

With the rise of technology, they have struggled to reach local customers in traditional ways and are desperately in need of a simple and effective solution.



PageWoo, a leading mobile advertising company for large brands, recently launched a simple, self-serve platform for small businesses called, NearWoo. 

NearWoo’s solution is simple:

NearWoo delivers the establishment’s message directly to the hands of customers while they’re in their neighborhood.  Ads can appear on sites like, Pandora Radio, Craiglist, Angry Birds and thousands of others.

Setting up a campaign on NearWoo is easy.  A small business or real estate professional can visit the site:

And enter in the business name.  The name will automatically appear and the user can select, “Yes, that’s me!” 

The small business will be able to select:

  • How far they want their message to travel
  • What they want their message to be
  • Their neighborhoods manually
  • Or use one of the Smart Feature options, which allow small businesses to target customers within walking distance, driving distance or a happy medium


Nearwoo Mobile Marketing 

The first neighborhood is always free!  Each additional neighborhood is $10 per month and each neighborhood equates to roughly 1000 customers that will see the message or offer of the small business.  

Nearwoo Mobile Ad


<- Sample Nearwoo Ad For Real Estate


You can estimate that 1-2 new customers actually visit the establishment per neighborhood, which equates to $5-$10 per new customer.  A lot lower than a daily deal site! 

It’s also easily scalable:  If your company wants 20 new customers per month, you’d just select 10-20 neighborhoods.  It’s that simple. 

Small businesses and real estate professionals can update their advertisements as often as they’d like.  They can include a special offer one weekend and then feature their happy hour throughout the week.

NearWoo also includes an in depth dashboard for clients to see which ads are performing the best in which neighborhoods so clients can optimize their campaigns along the way.

NearWoo has seen a great response for real estate agents.  Agents can easily advertise a single home they have available based on geographic and demographic location by using NearWoo’s Pro. 


For example, a real estate agent may only want to target customers with a median income of $200k and higher in Los Angeles for a new home they have on the market.  Conversely, they may want to run another ad simultaneously that targets a lower income market for a different home.   


It’s time for small businesses and real estate professionals to harness the most effective advertising platform available to them.

Sign up your neighborhood today for free or use the coupon code save30 to receive 30% off of any package.  

When you want to advertise near you, use NearWoo.


This is a guest post written by Hope Horner, VP of Business Development at NearWoo, the leading mobile advertising solution for small businesses. 

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