Jason Fox

Social Media became a passion for me early on while on the original Myspace.  I received an email from a man one day saying that he thought he was my brother.  Turned out it was.  I had never met my biological father, his wife, or their 3 children.  I knew he existed but it was through the POWER of SOCIAL MEDIA that we were reunited and have a good relationship today.

If I could spend my time anywhere it would be around water and in the sun.  I love everything from swimming pools, to rivers and beaches, my favorite is lakes.  Why stay in Seattle if you love the sun?  Good Question and one I ask every single gray and drizzly day in the winter season… then spring comes and Seattle is so beautiful.


Empowering The Modern Real Estate Agent To Dominate Their Local Market

Why Use Jason Fox?

After 15 years of marketing for real estate professionals I understand that your time is precious. That you are juggling the duties of Sales Manager, Customer Service Representative, Accountant, Marketing Manager, and CEO.

I understand that you need to keep your budget lean and your systems concise and nimble. That you need to keep your real estate marketing simple, but effective.

That you may not be the most technologically savvy person on the planet, but that you don’t need to be… You are a Real Estate Broker. I am technologically savvy.

You need someone that you can easily communicate with, get’s it, has real life experience marketing for the real estate industry, and can easily decipher and explain the newest technology and how it benefits your bottom line.

Someone that stays abreast of newest trends, updates, new releases, techniques, ideas, and training and applies it to your internet marketing campaign.

A trusted source that can warn you of flash in the pan trends, and get rich quick schemes. That is looking at your best interest long term. Aware of the fact that you have a branded image and reputation that is critical to your future growth.

That is an expert on Real Estate Websites, WordPress, Content Marketing, IDX, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Real Estate Marketing, Email Marketing, Branding, Video Marketing, and general internet marketing techniques.

Jason Fox blog’s about “Real Estate Marketing”

Website Design, Content Marketing, SEO, WordPress, Blogging, Digital Advertising, Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Video Production, Landing Pages, Graphic Design, Apps, Lead Capture and Lead Conversion.  Everything that you need to know to enhance your Internet Marketing Strategy.


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