What is the Best IDX Plugin for a WordPress Real Estate Website?

There are 8 options for the best IDX plugin for your WordPress real estate Website. Each one has its pro’s and con’s.

In this article I will try to help you decide which one is best for you.  Along the way I will also try to give you a better understanding of what IDX is and why you may want to use it.

The What and Why Of IDX

In order for me to explain why I think each plugin is the best, I think I should first explain IDX.

IDX stands for Internet Data Exchange and is a real estate property search enabled site that allows the public to conduct searches of approved Multiple Listing Service (MLS) properties in a certain area. It is the exchange of the MLS Data to the IDX customer giving the IDX customer the ability to display all listings that are on the MLS. Just like Redfin, Zillow or Trulia.

Having the MLS data on your website can be quite helpful (see aforementioned, Trulia, Zillow, Redfin, business models for proof).

You see when people begin their new home search they want to find a website that will show them all the homes that match a certain set of parameters, that is easy to use, that is easily accessible, and that makes sense. And often times they will use an IDX enabled Real Estate Website to do this research. Better it is your Real Estate Website that they use to start their new home search.

Often times the first place consumer’s will go to find this is Google, Bing or Yahoo, the search engines.

They will type in the Keywords that match their particular search criteria, such as:

  • Downtown Miami New Construction
  • San Diego Waterfront Condos
  • Chicago Homes With a View
  • Homes on Arizona Country Club
  • Homes for sale in Salt Lake City

Many times the results they find will be Realtor.com, Trulia, the big local brokerages, or Zillow, but often times the results they find are IDX Powered Real Estate WordPress Websites.

Once the consumer finds what they are looking for on the Search Engine, the site that provides that data, and its owner, has instant Legitimacy.

When you get a referral from a friend what is the first thing you do?  GOOGLE THEM…

When potential clients Google you it is important that you can be found (Make sure your Local SEO game is tight).  If they do find your website, and they should, there are a few things that people expect to see on a real estate agents website:

  1. Pictures and Videos
  2. Neighborhood Info
  3. Informative Blogs
  4. Expert Advice
  5. Market Information
  6. Choices

The best IDX plugin gives you pictures, videos, neighborhood info, market information and choices.  In addition it gives your site G.L.A.M.R.