“Finding a good marketing shortcut feels especially great, considering all that we marketers have to do in a day.” ~ Courtney Seiter


Real Estate Agents do you consider yourself a marketer?  I think you should.

If you are not who will do your marketing for you?  Your brokerage, your broker, your assistant.  None of these sound like viable options.

That leaves you to your build your real estate lead generation strategy.

Sure you can hire a professional marketing team, or sign up for one of the popular all in one marketing solutions that are available.  Both of these are good options if you have the budget.


This post is for the people who do not have the budget and/or would like to maximize their marketing budget to include the offline marketing that is required of real estate professionals today.

This post is for the real estate agents that want to generate leads online without spending any money… Can it really be done.  Almost.  But it certainly can be done on a manageable budget.


Here is how to build a real estate lead generation machine for $0


Tools Needed


CMS (Content Management System)

    • WordPress.org

CRM (Client Relationship Management)

    • Hubpsot

Email Marketing

    • MailChimp


    • 1 Blog Post Every 2 Weeks

Landing Page

    • Single Property Webpage
    • Home Page with Pop Up
    • Contact Page
    • Home Valuation Form
    • How To Sell Your Home

Lead Capture Tools

    • Scroll Box
    • Image Sharing
    • Content Sharing
    • Header Lead Bar
    • Sliding Pop Up



    • Social Media
    • Email Marketing
    • SEO


All the tools mentioned above are $0.  I say zero dollars and not free, because it will take some time.  And time is money.

*Note – Although WordPress is free it does need to be hosted and that is not free

You can do this for $0 however, if you spend a few dollars it will be more effective.


Optional Paid Tools

Email Marketing


    • 1 blog post every week or more (this will only cost you more time)

Landing Page

    • Any 1 of the many Home Value landing page providers (aprox. $50 month)
    • IDX Broker Pt (aprox. $39 month)
    • Landing Page Tool


    • Paid Social Media ads (aprox. $50 month)
    • IDX Broker Pt (aprox. $39 month)


How The Real Estate Lead Generation Machine Works


We use social media and content  to drive traffic to our site.

We use landing pages and lead capture tools convert some of that traffic into leads.

We drop all our leads into our CRM software.

Our CRM software places those leads into our Email Marketing campaign.

Our Email Marketing Campaign sends those leads an email every 2 weeks to stay in touch.

You blog 1 time every 2 weeks to create the content for the Email Marketing Campaign.

Your blog over time begins to drive more organic traffic.


How To Set Up Your Engine




I am going to assume that you have a WordPress website or are in the process of having one built.

I will also assume that you have it hosted and that you added powerful IDX integration.  Ok, I am assuming you have one of our websites or are in the process of having one built.

Or have something similar.


Email Marketing


This part of the engine is what is going to allow you to stay in touch with your new potential leads.  It is going to help you build Authority and Legitimacy.

We are going to set up your email marketing software to send an email out to your clients on a weekly basis.  The content of the email will be the blog post that you are going to add to your WordPress website on a bi-weekly or weekly basis.

Once you get this set up it will be an automated Email Marketing Machine.




Visit Mailchimp and create your free account.


Set Up Account


      • Open your Mailchimp email and activate your account.
      • Once activated you will be taken to a “Lets Get Started” page.  Complete your profile.



Create A List


You may later choose to set up multiple lists, but for now let’s just create a list to put our leads into.

Be sure to add yourself so you have at least 1 person on your list and so you can keep track of what you are doing.

      • Visit “Create A List” and click on the “Create List” button
      • Complete “List Details” this is pretty self-explanatory
      • “Notifications”  I like to select one-by-one so I know when people are subscribing


If you have a database, list, or a few people you would like to add to your Bi-Weekly Email Newsletter you should add them now.

      • Click “Add Subscribers”
      • If you have a few email addresses you would like to add the click “Add a Subscriber” and follow the prompts.  Repeat until all clients are added.
      • If you have a database or list of people you would like to add click “Import Subscribers” and follow the prompts.
        • You can import:
          • .CSV file
          • Excel File
          • or directly from Google Contacts, or Salesforce
      • It is important to note that you SHOULD NOT buy a list on the internet and import it!!  Your account will be shut down during your first email blast.
      • You must check that the person gave you permission to add them to your subscribers
      • Remember that the Free plan only allows 2,000 subscribers


Set Up RSS Fed Email Campaign

      • Visit “Create and Send a Campaign”
        • Select RSS Campaign
        • RSS Feed and send timing

Mailchimp RSS Campaign

        • RSS Feed URL
          • (add /feed/ to the end of your web address)
        • When To Send:
          • Every Week
          • Tuesday – Thursday
          • 1-2pm
        • To keep thing simple select “Send to entire list”
          • You can create groups within your list to keep track of how you got your leads.
          • This may be useful if you plan on becoming a more masterful marketer and want to send different emails to different groups.
          • You can also create different lists for different lead types
        • Complete Your Campaign Info
          • Paying extra attention to “Email Subject” this will be the sentence that your subscribers will see bi-weekly when your email gets sent.
          • If you are a subscribe of ours you will know that my current subject line
          • We are going to assume that you will be creating great headlines for your blog posts so we will use them here:
            • Your Name – *|RSSITEM:TITLE|*  <img src=” class=”emoji” draggable=”false”>” class=”emoji” draggable=”false”>
            • Or you can go with a more traditional subject line:
            • Your Name Real Estate Newsletter
        • Select a Theme
          • Click on “Themes”
          • Filter “RSS-to-Email”

Mailchimp RSS Themes

          • Select the theme you wa