“…only 10% of people remember what they hear. Reading doesn’t help the cause much, with only 20% of people remembering what they read. But 80% of people remember what they see and do.”~ Anum Hussain – Hubspot


What is harder to do:


Raising one eyebrow, while licking your elbow, while twitching your nose, while wiggling your ear, while touching your nose with your tongue, while sneezing with your eyes open…




If you said Blogging your not alone.

I often blog about ways to try to help you make blogging easier.  Such as:

These posts layout some pretty simple ways of creating content, or blogging, short of giving you the content.


Now I am just going to give you the content!


What Is An Infographic


I think most of us have seen an infographic by now.  They are an image generally very long and skinny with lots of colors, graphs, images, icons, and some text.  They use the appealing visuals to tell a story.

“a visual image such as a chart or diagram used to represent information or data.”

For example below is an infographic that explains the power of infographics:

Click the image to see full size

Power Of Infographics


How To Use Infographics For Blogging


While you could simply add the infographic to your blog post give it a title and publish it… we probably should take it a step further.

However, if you will do nothing else you could still see some results by simply blogging 1 or 2 of the infographics every week on your real estate blog.

I use a 5 step process for using Infographics as blog posts.

Your Content Goes Here

  1. Find a compelling quote or statistic that helps quantify or validate the information in the infographic
  2. Write a introduction to what the the infographic is representing
  3. Add The Infographic
  4. Outline the information that is on the Infographic possibly adding some details of your own or giving your opinion of the information
  5. Give a summary of the what is presented


You see why it easy… it practically writes itself.


How To Add An Infographic to Your Blog Post


Login to your WordPress Website  >>  Click on the Posts Link  >>  Click on Add New >>  Enter A Title >>  Add your content and infographic  >> Publish


104 Real Estate Infographics


If you see an infographic you would like to use:

Click On It  >> It will open in full size in a new window >>  Right Click on the image and Save As


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