Simplify Your Real Estate Blogging with Curated Content

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“So this is not just about saving money or time: it’s also about adding to your original content’s results in terms of traffic, SEO or leads as well as building trust with your audience in a way your own content can not.”

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What Is Curated Content


This post you are reading is an example of a curated post.  While reading a blog post yesterday I thought, “I think the people who read my blog would find this blog post of interest”.  I wanted to share the concept with you.

Of course, I can not just copy and paste the original blog post into my blog.. that would be stealing.

What I can do is borrow the idea and a few pieces of the original blog post.  Take those 2 things and turn it into my original blog post.  And in doing so share the idea with you, while giving my blog a content Boost.

How To Simplify Your Real Estate Blogging with Curated Content


Jason Miller the Sr. Content Marketing Manager of Linkedin offers this handy chart to explain how to curate content:

How to Curate Content

  1. Create A New Attention Grabbing Title
  2. Make Sure Your Blog Post is Easy to Share (if you are a client of ours… it is)
  3. Create a New Image ( I recommend using
  4. Create a Quote from the Original Post and Add a Hyper link to the Original Post
  5. Add Your Thoughts About the Original Post or Your Insights
  6. Create Blog Categories
  7. Add A Call To Action (please do not think that putting… “Call Me @ 555.555.1212 to discuss your real estate needs” is a call to action)

I am writing this blog post using the exact methods that are outlined above.

In order to curate content you will need to have content that you believe in and that you believe your readers would be interested in.  Where can you find this:

These are just a few… but you get the point.  Don’t forget this blog.  I would love to have you curate my content.  And if I notice it I will surely give you some Social Media Love!

When you find an online publication that you enjoy reading take a couple seconds and subscribe to their feed.  This will give you an automated stream of content that you can later curate.


Is There A Benefit To Curated Content?


  • You don’t have to come up with an idea
  • The content that you do have to add practically writes itself
  • The original piece lends credibility to your idea (since it is now on your blog, it is now your idea)
  • You have given love (in the form of a link) to an influencer.  This may, but not always, lead to getting some love back.
  • Since you created a New Title, New Image, and added your own opinion to the idea
    • You have an original blog post that is going to get indexed by the search engines.
    • You have an original blog post that you can now share on your social media channels.
    • You have an original blog post that you can email to your database.
      • This is all SEO!


This blog post only took me 40 minutes to create!

Some of you may be saying… 40 Minutes!  I don’t have 40 minutes to waste on writing a blog post.

Let me remind you that the ROI (return on investment) of this 40 minutes is better than any other form of marketing.

“Blogging champions as the #1 method for increasing traffic, with SEO in second place,” according to Hubspot.

(a quick Google search turned up this statistic that I added to lend credibility to my statement about ROI)

I believe in Content Marketing, or blogging, as the primary form of marketing for Real Estate Professionals… because that is how I generate 95% of my sales.


You can use other peoples’ content to simplify your real estate blogging using this curated content method.

Just find a blog post you think would benefit your audience and borrow the idea and a quote.  Follow a few simple steps, including your opinion or insights on the subject and… Viola.  You have an original and entertaining new piece of content for your real estate website.

Adding curated content to your blog will increase traffic, SEO, leads, and sales.