Generating Leads Using Facebook Ads Just Got Easier

Looking for sellers? You may want to create real estate seller leads with Facebook ads.


 “Facebook has made it clear that to reach anyone who has “liked” you on its platform, you’ll have to pay for Facebook ads.”BY DAVE KERPEN @DAVEKERPEN


What does that mean?  When Facebook started they launched a product called “Fan Pages”.  These were essentially micro websites for brands, personalities, products, etc. hosted on Facebook. The goal was simple.   Get as many “fans” as you can.   Why get fans?  Back then, anyone that “liked” your page, or became a fan, would see content that your business posted on its “Fan Page”.


Read:  FREE ADVERTISING  (of course it was only free as the amount of time you invested in building up your “fan” base)


What has changed?  Facebook is no longer showing the posts you enter on your page to your fans!  (currently it is an average of 2% of fans, but is dropping all the time, and will probably be Zero soon)

Are all those fans you spent time accumulating worthless?  Depends.  You can still reach them with your Marketing if you Pay-to-Play.

For the record:  I have told my clients for years to not worry about how many “Likes” or “Fans” their business page gets.   (can you see me patting myself on the back?)

So is Facebook useless to us as Growth Hackers trying to get more exposure to our businesses?  Nope.  Just have to pay for it directly now.

How to Generate 100 Real Estate Seller Leads with Facebook Ads

UPDATE: Facebook has launched a feature that makes Landing Pages, and Lead Capture Forms no longer necessary. That means that you can start generating leads Faster and Easier than before


I recently ran a Facebook Ad Campaign for a Corporate Real Estate Firm.  My goal was to generate real estate seller leads with Facebook. Using a proven strategy of Lead Magnets,  Landing Pages, Engaging Imagery, Lead Capture Form, & Facebook Ads!

I was able to produce 100 Seller Leads in 2 Weeks.

This number could have been significantly increased if we were only capturing email addresses.  This campaign we were capturing, Name, Email, Phone Number, Location, and whether they were a buyer or seller.


Lead Magnets



Examples of Real Estate Lead Magnets:

  • Listings
  • Home Buyer’s Guide
  • Home Seller’s Guide
  • Relocation Packet
  • Neighborhood Market Report
  • Email New Listings
  • Property CMA
  • How To eBooks or Videos – How to Stage Your Home, How To Increase The Curb Appeal, How To Buy A Foreclosure, etc.
  • Reports – Neighborhood, School, Crime, etc.
  • Lists – Bank Owned, Short Sale, 203k eligible, etc.
  • Real Estate Related eBooks or Videos – Landscaping, Remodeling, Investment Opportunities, Flipping A House, etc.



To get started even easier you can use a list of hypercatorgized listings such as:

  • Single Story Homes In A City (Move Down)
  • Luxury Homes In A City (Move Up)
  • Foreclosure Homes
  • Shortsale Homes
  • Homes Close To A Major Employer

As real estate agents you all have access to links with filtered listings!


If you want to get started generating real estate seller leads with Facebook campaigns like this and need a Lead Magnet, you can use this

Powerpoint Template to Create an eBook,

to get started.  Once you have created the Powerpoint template you simply Print to: .PDF


Once you have printed the template to .PDF you now have a digital e-book that you can use as a Lead Magnet. In order to print to .PDF you will need a .PDF driver on your computer.  I use Primo PDF it works well and is free.

How to “Print to PDF” from Powerpoint:

print to pdf from powerpoint

In my example I used a Market Report as the “Lead Magnet” because I was trying to attract Sellers.

Landing Page



Using this portion of the article will give you more control and customization, however, it is no longer necessary.

Below I show you how you can create Facebook ads without needing to make custom landing pages with lead capture forms.


A landing page is just a single page of a website that is dedicated to 1 single purpose.  Generating a lead!  And 1 single Lead Magnet. In this example the purpose is to create real estate seller leads with Facebook Ads.

Landing pages should be:

    • Free of clutter
    • Have a clearly defined “Call To Action
    • Use engaging imagery or videos
    • Contain a Lead Capture Form

Landing pages can have in addition to:  

    • Social proof or testimonials
    • Text explaining the benefits of the Lead Magnet

Landing Pages should not have:

    • Pictures of you
    • Your company bio
    • Multiple messages
    • Navigation Buttons
    • Overly spammy, salesy, or wordy text


It is my experience that the Simpler a Landing Page the better it Converts!

This is a Sample of one of the many landing pages I used for the campaign. Generate Real Estate Seller Leads With Facebook Ads and Landing Pages

 This particular landing page converted at 16%

(again this number could have been much higher if we were asking for less Personal Information)


I use a service called Lead Pages to create my landing pages.  There are many companies that offer easy to create landing pages:

If you are on a budget… create a clutter free page on your WordPress Website, or create a “Tab” on your Facebook Business Page using the Static HTML Facebook App.

Lead Capture Form



Using this portion of the article will give you more control and customization, however, it is no longer necessary.

Below I show you how you can create Facebook ads without needing to make custom landing pages with lead capture forms.


Probably the easiest way to build and/or incorporate a lead capture form into any of the above landing pages is with Mailchimp. I have written about and used Mailchimp for my business for many, many years, and love it.

You can create custom Lead Capture forms with Mailchimp or you can connect your Mailchimp account to most of the landing pages above.

Mailchimp is primarily an email marketing service.  As part of that service they give you the ability to collect leads (Lead Capture Forms), they store the leads (CRM), and then you can send the leads emails (Lead Incubation).


Popular Lead Capture Form Builders:

  • MailChimp (Email Marketing Software)
  • Gravity Forms (WordPress Plugin)
  • Formidable Forms (Wodpress Plugin)
  • AWeber (Email Marketing Service)
  • Constant Contact (Email Marketing Service)