“A true “item of value” would be information, right? Like real hard data! What’s selling? Where is it selling? What’s the forecast look like? And so on. We’re the professionals, after all! So stop passing out candy corn.” ~ Inman News


Clearly one of the best ways we know to get folks to your website is by offering something of value…that is FREE!

We are often asked, “How can we offer something that will”:

  1. Get people to our website
  2. Have a way of capturing a lead (hate that phrase by the way)
  3. Keep people coming back again and again

Simple, you give something few others in your profession offer…but what is that and how do you get it?

EBooks, White Papers and Downloadable Manuals…Oh my!


In a perfect world, every website would instantaneously offer something your prospective clients want. But, what someone wants today may not be what they want tomorrow. And if interest wains and new content is not offered…your website becomes just another “Billboard in the Desert” that few will ever notice.

So how do you:

A. Get folks to your site

B. Give them a reason to stay AND

C. Offer them a reason to come back?

Always Be Closing!!!


Ebooks, White Papers and Manuals (or presentations on how to buy, sell or invest in real estate) that can easily be downloaded directly off your site are all outstanding marketing pieces that can be easily created…let’s show you how.



We are not talking about becoming a best-selling author or needing to go through some publisher. No…just a simple and attractive eBook that is easily downloaded by your website visitors.

If you wish, you can also set it up so your visitors must give you their name and email address to get this “nugget of gold”.  Using the eBook as your Lead Magnet and a Contact form as your Lead Capture.

Step 1. Creating the Cover


Most of the eBooks that I’ve written where simply done in Word and/or Publisher on my PC.

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You can access pre-styled Powerpoint eBook Templates in the Members Area
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I start out by including a simple graphic first page or my eBook cover. Again, easy to do with something as simple as clip art and some well placed color and text. If you’ve built your own flyers for your listings or open houses, you have the basic skill set to create your cover.

Here is an extremely simple, straight forward cover I created in Publisher for an eBook I wrote years ago:



Once I have my cover, I then save it as a .jpeg or .png…your choice. This will also be the first page of my Publisher, Powerpoint or Word doc that I will later turn into my eBook.

Continuing on with making my eBook cover for my website, I then use an online resource to turn my image into a fancy smancy 3D’ish looking book. One of my favorites is myecovermaker.com which will run you just under $5 bucks to create a stylish image like this:


Here is a screenshot from myecovermaker.com of how easy its editor window is to make a cover for your new e-book. Each arrow indicates the different options you have and all the stock images available:

HINT: You can utilize a transparent background when you save and download…ideal if you want to lose the white box look!


The myecovermaker tool offers:

  • Insert Text – Tons of fonts and Word Art
  • Insert Images – Great clip art selection
  • Upload your own image (cost about $5)
  • Use their templates
  • Save and Finalize


This image is now something I easily download and can add to my sidebar or as the main image for a landing page.

HINT: Just like any image, you can hyperlink this so once clicked, will take your visitors to your landing page for download.

Of course there are other resources out there with some offering FREE images so use whatever works best for you.

Step 2. Writing the thing!


Remembering I’m using this image as page 1 of my eBook, I can now start writing. Again, I’m simply using publisher but Powerpoint, Word or Pages for our Mac users works great!

Here is a basic screenshot of how to get started.



At this point, you can add pages in a chapter format or just start writing.

HINT: For the more tech savvy, you can also hyperlink text in your eBook.


Step 3. Save in PDF for your website


Once you are finished, simply click