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It Is Not Always Easy Creating Content for your Blog.

In previous articles we learned why Blogging is Important, the 1-2 Punch Lead Generation System,  The Basic Blog Design,  How To Set Up a Blog, and How To Post Your First WordPress Blog.

Creating Content for your new blog is vitally important.  Your content is the fuel for the Lead Machine.  It is your content that gets Indexed for SEO, your content gets syndicated to Social Media, your content gets emailed to your database, your content that attracts people to opt in to your site, your content that determines whether new visitors will stay and for how long.  Other than that, content is not so important.

There are some Internet Marketing Experts (I use that term loosely) that will tell you that content is not that important.  Please do not listen to them.

Take this article as an example.  If this post sucks, do you think you will be subscribing to my newsletter?  Yes please, I would like more sucky articles delivered right into my email inbox.

There is Good News.  What makes an article good or bad has little to do with whether or not you are a Pulitzer writer, an Oscar winning story teller, or a Nobel winning Genius.  As a matter of fact if you make your content to smart it can actually backfire on you.  Did you know that USA Today writes their content at an 8th grade reading level?  If it is to complex you may lose your readers, or it may just be boring.


Types Of Content

  • Blog Posts
  • Facebook Status Updates
  • Twitter Updates
  • Youtube Videos
  • eBooks
  • Webinars
  • Landing Pages
  • Email Newsletters
  • Press Releases


Create Content Like a Publisher, Not a Marketer

To explain this I will pick a random topic:  Cars.  

If I think like a Marketer and I hear the word Cars my first thought is, You can drive your dream off the lot today for just $299 month.

If I think like a Publisher and I hear the word Cars my first thought is, The designer of this car first got his inspiration while attending a Runway Fashion Show in Milan, where he noticed an incredible one of a kind sculpture with flowing lines that reminded him of an auto.  

The first example is all about selling you a car.  The second example is all about telling you a story about the car.  People do not want to be sold.  You want to tell a series of stories about your niche specialty.  


Create Content You Are Passionate About

I often hear the advice that you should craft your content to your reader base, and I suppose this is true, once you have an established reader base.  In order to create a reader base you need to be creating content that will attract readers.  How can you do that if you are not passionate about what you are creating? 

Hopefully we are all in careers that we are passionate about and it will be as simple as that.  However, what if there is something that you are more passionate about?  

For example:  Let’s say that you are an Accountant, a successful and respected Accountant.  Let’s also say that your true passion was painting, and not accounting.  What should you create your content for?  Well… for Accounting, that is the clientelle that you are trying to attract that will ultimately help you earn more income so that you have the time and finances to support your painting.  But what if you could do both?  You can.  

1.  You can use Painting as a way to tell more fascinating stories about Accounting.  

2.  Because Painting enthusiasts are also Accounting customers.


Generating Content Ideas

There are many many ways that you can find inspiration for creating content.  Here are a few:

My personal favorite:  As you meet with your current clients make a note of what questions they ask you.  After you have met with a handful of clients and have a nice list of questions, answer them on your keyboard in 400-800 words or on video.  The answers to those questions are the Golden Nuggets of Content.

Subscribe to Succesful Blogs in Your Niche:  This will give you a steady stream of content to help inspire you and give you an idea of what other people are talking about.

“Best of” or “Top 15 Ways To”:  These are pretty easy to create and people seem to love to read them.  See:  50 Most Beautiful People, etc.

Take A Survey or Compile Stats:  People love stats.  If you can tell me that 46% of people in your Niche do this…. I will want to read about it.  Sign up for and search for your niche.  The results are all blog post ides.

Video:  Almost anything put on video is good content.


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