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This Service Agreement is made effective by and between the client, here-in collectively, “The Client” and Jason Fox and Patrick Flynn, dba Fox Marketing, Inc. herein collectively, “The Web Designers”

1.DESCRIPTION OF SERVICES. Upon receipt of payment, The Web Designers will provide to “The Client” the following services herein collectively, the “Services” WordPress Website “The Web Designers” will design, create and deliver a WordPress Website for the following: The Designer Package, Price quoted based on the scope of work —This package is for custom designed & specialty websites requested by “The Client” and/or design work outside the scope of the Starter or Pro Packages.

This includes:
Migration, rebuilds or copy/paste from an existing Wordpress or non Wordpress site to a new Wordpress site
Building of a Wordpress site on “The Clients” server
Special requests made by “The Client” as determined by “The Web Designer”
Use of Wordpress Themes unfamiliar or not yet used to “The Web Designer”

The Starter Package, $499 —
10 build hours of design work with NO Technical Support after the site is built.
2 Featured Community Pages
IDX Integration
8 pages including:
Home Search/Properties
Listing Alerts/Registration for IDX

The Pro Package, $999 —
20 build hours of design work with Technical Support after the site is built.
6 Featured Community Pages
IDX Integration
16 pages including:
Featured Listings
Home Search/Properties
Browse by City
Browse by Communities
Map Search
Listing Alerts/Registration for IDX

The Designer Package, Price quoted based on the scope of work
This package is for custom designed & specialty websites requested by “The Client” and/or design work outside the scope of the Starter or Pro Packages. This includes:
rebuilds or copy/paste from an existing Wordpress or non Wordpress site to a new Wordpress site
Building of a Wordpress site on “The Clients” server
Special requests made by “The Client” as determined by “The Web Designer”
Use of Wordpress Themes unfamiliar or not yet used to “The Web Designer

We will integrating a home search on your website using IDX Broker Platinum or Platinum Lite. You may opt for an alternate IDX company of your choice only if approved by “The Web Designers”.

Website Hosting & Maintenance
Your website will be hosted and maintained for a monthly fee of $29.00. We will be using the WP Engine Hosting platform.
What you get from WP Engine:
High speed page loads.
Daily back up of your site. Every 24 hours
FREE CDN (Content Delivery Network)
Ifyour site get hacked, WP Engine guarantees to rebuild it...FOR FREE!!!

Scope of Service
“The Web Designers” do not create, design or build the following types of websites:
E-commerce sites
Membership sites
Any iframe IDX technology sites
Non Wordpress sites

Communities and Community Pages
“The Web Designer” will custom build the communities based on the service areas as determined by “The Client”. These community pages will include:
Image designed to show that community or community attributes
Available Homes For Sale in the communities
Optional Walkscore™, Market stats, School Info and Mortgage Calculator

Logo Design, Specialty Fonts and Colors
“The Web Designers” will offer to create a logo if “The Client” do not have one. If “The Client” does not approve of the logo designed by “The Web Designer”, then it is the sole responsibility of “The Client” to have one made for the site.
If “The Client” request a specialty font, “The Client” must provide the name of the font and must purchase the font.“The Client” must provide the desired colors for the site.

Email Set up, Domain Names & Forwarding
“The Web Designer” is not responsible nor will they make any effort to set up any email associated with the domain name. Domain names must be purchased, hosted and owned by “The Client”. “The Web De-signer” will not set up a domain name hosting account for “The Client” for the purpose of the website.“The Client” will be solely responsible for registering, maintaining and paying for the domain name associated with “The Client” website. In addition, “The Web Designer” will not be responsible for forwarding any additional domains owned by “The Client” to any page of the website.

Third Party Integration or iframing
“The Web Designer” will only integrate third party features at the discretion of “The Web Designer”.
These may include:
Market Snapshots
Mortgage Calculators
Other Websites or iframing features of other websites

Service After Completion of Website to “The Client”
Any additional requests for service made by “The Client” for work to be done on the site after it is ready to by launched and live, herein collectively“Launched and Live”, shall be submitted as a ticket, herein collectively “Ticket” and subject to a service charge of $75 per build hour.Prior to the site being “Launched and Live”, “The Client” will be allowed to make a one time submission for requests for changes to the website. Any and all changes will be made at the sole discretion of “The Web Designer”. Once “The Web Designer” has completed the website and all change requests by “The Client” are made by “The Web Designer”, the site MUST be “Launched and Live”. No website will be allowed to remain unlaunched on our server for more that 30 days after completion and change request are made and completed by “The Web Designer”. After 30 days, the website will be automatically “Launched and Live”.

Page and Page Content
“The Client” must provide “The Web Designer” any and all desired content, including images, hyperlinks and branded items specific to the pages, prior to the website being “Launched and Live”. If “The Client” does not submit any specific content, “The Web Designer” will add standard content in order to build the page(s).

Additional Requests Outside the Description of Services
In the event “The Client” request any additional features be added, integrated or incorporated to the website not included in the Starter or Pro packages, “The Web Designer” will make every effort to accommodate “The Client” request. “The Web Designer” does reserve the right not to honor any or all of the requests to add, integrate or incorporate “The Clients” requests including but not limited to:
Customer Relationship Management (CRM) integration
Design Elements not offered in our Starter or Pro packages
3rd party products
Brokerage specific or proprietary products

Payment shall be made in full to “The Web Designer” prior to any “Services” being performed as described in this Contract.

3. REFUND POLICY. “The Client” shall have 24 hours from receipt of payment to request a full refund. “Services” are calculated at an hourly rate of $75 per build hour. Estimated work time to complete websites are calculated at 10 build hours for the Starter Package and 20 build hours for the Pro Package.

4. DELIVERY. Delivery of your website will be in 30-45 days from approval date of your IDX and acceptance of the clients website specifications. Should “The Client” request a refund while the website is being built, “The Web Designers” will subtract the amount of build hours already worked on the website up to the point of request for refund. The build hour rate is calculated at $75.00 per build hour. The remainder of payment, if any, will be made available to “The Client” within 72 hours of request for refund.No refund will be honored after the site is “Launched and Live” to “The Client”.

5. ENTIRE AGREEMENT. This contract contains the entire agreement of the parties, and there are no other promises or conditions in any other agreement whether oral or written concerning the subject matter of this Contract. This Contract supersedes any prior written or oral agreement between the parties.


What You Can Expect:

Get a superior WordPress website that is:

  • Specific to your Brand
  • Manageable and easy to use so it can expand and grow with your business
  • Attractive so your current and future clients will want to come back time and time again
  • Responsive (mobile ready) so your clients can see it clearly on every device
  • Technologically the most advanced websites loaded with focused keywords and proper SEO protocols

IDX Home Search

You are welcome to choose any IDX company you want. With that, prices will always vary but we are big fans of IDX Broker Lite ($39.99/month) which offers the most superior Home Search complete with:

  • Map Search
  • Localize Property Search
  • Community Search
  • Email Listing Alerts
  • Dynamic Lead Capture
  • Featured Listings
  • Feature Solds

All this and your IDX Broker home search is set it up so that each listing in your MLS is indexed on the Search Engines as a single page which makes your website VERY ATTRACTIVE to Google, Bing and Yahoo!

Website Hosting

There are many hosting companies and most do a good job for you. However, as the concern about hackers becomes ever present and the overall speed of your site certainly having a direct impact on your Search Engine rankings, you need to have a hosting company that canhandle your site as it grows with your business.

We use WP Engine ($245/year – with coupon code).  What you get from WP Engine that you won’t find on other hosting companies are:

  • High speed page loads. On average most website will load in around 4-6 seconds we’ve found in our studies. WP Engine has been found in our studies to load in around 1-2 seconds which again, is very important not only for your customers satisfaction but for the Search Engines as well.
  • Daily back up of your site. Every 24 hours WP Engine will back up your site automatically for you. This allows any holes (as plugins and themes update, they no longer secure their previous version which creates a hole on your site) that may find there way on to your site to be closed daily!
  • But the best reason for choosing WP Engine is if your site does get hacked, they guarantee to rebuild it to it’s previous stature…FOR FREE!!! No other hosting company does that!
  • 24/7 customer support chat with a live WordPress expert
  • Amazon Cloud Servers

You get the industries best and most powerful website platform in WordPress, custom designed, mobile ready and created for your business with today’s best Home Search and Web Hosting all in one! And we usually deliver your website in 2 weeks or less!