The story of Jason Fox Using Only The Squirrly Plugin

Jason Fox story using Squirrly Plugin

The Story Of Jason Fox, using only the squirrly plugin

I am demo’ing a new SEO Plugin called squirrly.  There are a TON of cool features, I will post a full review in the coming weeks, but I wanted to try out some of the content features, or what they have dubbed the “Inspiration Box”.

The ability to do a full Keyword Research Analysis, and then find content that is associated to that keyword.  You can search for Images, Twitter Posts, Wikipedia Pages, News Articles, Blog Posts, and your own blog.

Here is the story of Jason Fox as pulled from the keyword “Jason Fox” using the squirrly plugin:

These are a Sampling of the Images 

These are all Youtube Cover Images:

jason fox marketingjason fox marketingjason fox marketingjason fox marketing

This is me and my logo:

jason foxjason fox marketing


This is a Sampling of Twitter Posts

Wednesday #Motivation from Zig Ziglar.

RT @InNetworkInc: The Changing Face of Organic Search via @jasonfox_me

RT @leaderswest: Top 7 Strengths of a Successful Blog via @jasonfox_me

This is a Sampling of Wikipedia

I do not exist in Wikipedia but other, more famous, Jason Fox named people do.

 This is not me:
Jason Fox

Jason Fox (born May 2, 1988) is an American football offensive tackle for the Detroit Lions . He was selected as the 30th pick in the 4
 This is also not me:

During the late 1990s, the character of Jason Fox was licensed to Wolfram Research as a product spokesman for its Mathematica software

This is a Sampling of News Articles

I am also not in the news, but Jason “Bad Hair Bandit” Fox is:
‘Bad Hair Bandit’ partner pleads guilty

Court documents indicate Jason Fox, wearing a blonde wig as part of his disguise, entered the banks, brandished a black semi-automatic handgun and demanded money from the tellers using profane language and threats. As photos of the robber were

And Jason Fox the NFL Football player is:

Jason Fox receives original round tender from Detroit Lions

Jason Fox The Detroit Lions have placed an original round tender on restricted free agent tackle Jason Fox. AP File Photo. The Detroit Lions have placed an original round tender on restricted free agent tackle Jason Fox. He will earn $1.3 million this


This is a Sampling of Blogs

10 Things I Did to Get 10k Unique Visitors Last Month? – Jason Fox …

Are you curious how I got my 1 year old blog,, 10k unique visitors last month? If that number seems small to you, my hat is off. But if that seems like a good goal for your companies website then I will share
What is Responsive WordPress Design? – jasonfox-me –

Responsive WordPress Design uses CSS media queries to trigger different layout sets at various screen sizes. No longer will you need to zoom and scroll around when browsing on your mobile phone. No longer will you

This is from My Blog

I do not often write about myself, so:

Jason Fox 425.299.8454

You could litteraly construct entire blog posts with out writing anything.  Of course, this tool is much better utulized to accent, enhance, or give authority to what you are writing.

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