Another Reason I Think The Best Contact Form Plugin is Formidable Pro

Another Reason I Think The Best Contact Form Plugin is Formidable Pro

I am quite aware of the fact that most will say the Best Contact Form Plugin for WordPress is:

Paid: Gravity Forms

Free: Contact Forms 7

That is fine.  I remember when the Apple computer was just a prettier monitor.

Ok, that may be a pretty extreme comparison… but I was recently thinking about when the main reason people were buying Apple computers was because you could get a cool neon monitor.

My point is that I have tried all 3 Web form plugins and I think that Formidable is the most user-friendly.  That is important to me because I want my clients to have the ability to create their own Call To Action forms on their WordPress Websites that I create.


 Formidable Pro Merges With Zapier

Have you heard of Zapier?  It is a web service that understands that as business owners we need to use many web applications and it would be great if they all worked together.

“Zapier enables you to automate tasks between other online apps (like Salesforce, Basecamp, and Gmail). This helps you use complementary apps side-by-side!

With Zapier there is no more waiting for app developers to build integrations. No more expensive freelance programmers. No more unreliable interns. No more lengthy deployment times.”(Zapier)

With the help of Zapier, my Formidable Forms Pro can now integrate with over 200 applications.

Zapier Integrations

Just a few of the possibilities:

  • Save a new Formidable entry into a Google Doc.
  • Put new leads into Capsual from a formidable pro form
  • Automatically create a new Evernote note from a Formidable form entry
  • Automatically create Asana tasks from Formidable form entries.
  • Add a new subscriber to Campaign Monitor when a Formidable form is submitted.
  • Easily add a new contact to Constant Contact when a Formidable form is submitted.
  • Easily add a new contact to Mad Mimi when a Formidable form is submitted.
  • When a file is uploaded in a Formidable form, automatically add it to Dropbox.
  • Every time there is a new entry Zapier will create a Google Calendar Event.
  • Formidable New Entry to Freshbooks Create Task
  • Formidable New Entry to Twitter Create Tweet
  • Formidable New Entry to QuickBooks Create Task
  • Put new leads into Sales Force from a formidable pro form


How To Set Up Zapier Integration

You will need to have:

  1. Formidable Pro Plugin
  2. Formidable Zapier Add-on
    1. Download Add On
    3. Note: The Zapier add-on requires Formidable 1.07.05+.
    4. Make sure you are NOT using the default WordPress permalinks. If you’re not sure, go to the WordPress Settings → Permalinks page to check. You will get 404 errors in Zapier when you try to authorize your Zap if you use default permalinks.
  3. Zapier Account
    1. Now that the plugin is activated, go to Zapier and start creating new Zaps. You will need your API key, which can be found on the Formidable → Global Settings → API tab and your site URL (including the http:// and the trailing /) to set up your first Zap.


Other Formidable Integrations

  • Mailchimp
  • Paypal
  • Math Captcha
  • AWeber
  • Highrise
  • Twilio
  • Multi Langue
  • Bootstrap Styling


 What do you think is the Best Contact Form Plugin?


10 Steps to Building Your Google Author Rank

10 Steps to Building Your Google Author Rank

What is Google Author Rank? Officially it does not yet exist, but most of the top Search Engine Pros agree that it will and maybe does.

Put simply:  The stronger your online profile the higher the content you author will rank.

“The true cost of remaining anonymous, then, might be irrelevance.” ~ WSJ


Google Author Rank

Not to be confused with Google Authorship.  Google Authorship is a tool to link your content and web presence to your self as an author.  Google Author Rank is how much “Google Juice” you as an author has.

“The idea is that an author can build rank and trust (called Author Rank) based on the content they write all over the web. Google already has a way to determine your expertise at those subjects and it is only getting smarter in how it ranks authors and their content.” ~ Forbes

Why Author Rank?

Let’s say you wanted to find a good IDX Provider and you did a Google search for Best IDX Plugin for WordPress.  First of all you would want the smartest options to be listed first on your Google search.

Google thinks, and I agree, that the best results would come from the authors that have the most “Street Cred” about IDX Plugins on the internet.

If you found 2 articles reviewing an IDX Plugin you were interested in… who would you trust more?  An author that has a high Google Author Rank for Real Estate Marketing, or a brand new writer?


10 Steps To Building Your Google Author Rank

I found this information while researching a different post I am writing, “What You Don’t Know About The Newest Google Search Ranking Factor” on Moz.

10 Steps To Building Your Google Author Rank
Share This Infographic:
<a href=””><img alt=”10 Steps To Building Your Google Author Rank” src=”” width=”800″ height=”2433″ />10 Steps To Building Your Google Author Rank</a>



  1. Sign Up For Google Authorship
  2. Test You Content Using The Rich Snippet Testing Tool
  3. Start Writing Content
  4. Create Sharable Content
  5. Find a Niche And Stick With It – You will get Author Rank on subjects.  If your subject matter is to scattered you will not build any rank.
  6. Create and Use a Google+ Profile Regularly
  7. Make Friends with High Ranking Google Authors – Try to get influential authors in your subject matter in your Google+ Circles
  8. Promote Your Google+ Profile
  9. Be Helpful On and Off the Internet – Networking, Networking, Networking
  10. Consider Writing For Other Blogs – Having your Google Authorship linked to similar subject matter blogs that rank well will increase your Google Author Rank.

The bottom line is.

Create Great Content, Promote Your Content, And Optimize Every Tool That Google Has To Offer (just kidding about the last part, sort of)

This Simple Guide Will Help You Increase The Value Of A Home

This Simple Guide Will Help You Increase The Value Of A Home

I have a condo built in the late 90′s and it super spacious, well designed and in a nice community.  However, it was built in the late 90′s and could use some sprucing up.  I will be selling it in the next year or so and am always thinking about the best ways to increase the value of a home.

“You Can Do It, We Can Help” ~ Home Depot

I am currently in the middle of remodeling the master bathroom… not bad for just using my instincts as it is 3rd on this list.  I would like to say it was because I am so savvy, but really I just wanted a walk in shower.


Increase The Value Of A Home Guide

Increase the value of a home guide

Click To Enlarge Image

Thank you Embrace Home Loans for your guide


  1. Landscaping- Make a strong first impression with a strong curb appeal
  2. Storage Space – Think about how many storage facilities you drove by today
  3. Remodel Bathroom – Bathrooms can look old, and make the home feel old.
  4. Paint – I think this one goes without saying.  Tried and True.
  5. Home Movie Theater – Cool Factor.
  6. Get Rid of Popcorn Ceilings – Can you say Asbestos?
  7. Bowling Alley – Not sure about this one… but it would certainly make your home stick out.
  8. Cut Energy Costs – Green is good.
  9. Improve Air Quality – In this guide they are hiding switch your carpet to wood or tile.  Yes please.
  10. Water Filtration System – I hear that water is pretty important.
  11. Patio/Deck – We want a place to BBQ, Play with the kids, soak up some rays, and enjoy mother nature.
  12. Pool –  Who doesn’t love a pool?

Is There An Easy Way To Maximize Your Business Social Media?

Is There An Easy Way To Maximize Your Business Social Media?

While there may not be an easy way to maximize your business social media marketing, this I guide I found may help.

“Real knowledge is to know the extent of one’s ignorance.” ~ Confucius

I often suggest that making my social media campaigns easy to manage is my preferred method.  In order to do that I think it is important to have a general understanding of what each platform excels in.  In addition to making your campaign easy to manage, it doesn’t hurt if it is also effective.


What Makes Each Social Media Special


  • 2/3 of the 70 million users are female that are generally looking for ideas about:
    • Decor
    • Babies
    • Fashion
    • Recipes
    • Weddings 


  • Most of the 560 million members are located in the US.
  • 5,700 short blasts of news happen every second.  That is a lot of new information.


  • By far the largest and most used of the social networks with over 1 Billion users worldwide.
  • Give your business the opportunity to communicate with your consumers in a non-obstrusive way.


  • With 150 million users and the most followed brand being MTV, Instagram probably has a low-media age of users.
  • Post pictures your clients can relate to and add A LOT of Hashtags so the images get found.

Google +

  • This social media channel is owned by Google and plays a part in your business being found on the Google Search Engine.
  • 400 million users and over 900k new users signing up everyday.
  • Focused more on good content that what you are up to.


  • 240 million business oriented members, with 8 out of 10 being over the age of 35
  • A great place to network for and find a job
  • Also a great place to get in front of a higher median income level and decision makers


I hope you enjoy this Infographic by: Leverage New Age Media

Easy Way To Maximize Your Business Social Media

OC/DC Is TNT And SEO Is On a Highway To Hell? #Infographic

OC/DC Is TNT And SEO Is On a Highway To Hell?


OC/DC what is it?  Well it is not a famous Australian Rock Band.

Optimizing Content for Discovery & Conversion (OC/DC) ~ Copyblogger

I am a big fan of @Copyblogger and can appreciate what they are trying to say with this Infographic.

While I do not agree that SEO is Dead, rather it is an overused and misunderstand form of marketing that is ever evolving.

I do fully agree with this Simple yet Powerful guide.



Ultimately they are the same thing.  A form of advertising in which you use a “Particular Set Of Skills” to increase your Marketing ROI.

Or simply…  Get traffic, convert traffic, sell to leads, increase revenue.

Bottom Line:  We build websites to make money!

What I get out of what Copyblogger is trying to say is; the term SEO (Search Engine Optimization) has been used by Marketing Folks on the web a million different ways to sell products and services, both legitimate and illegitimate.

For example:

SEO Optimized WordPress Theme  –  What does that even mean?  If you use a theme that is SEO optimized are you going to rank on search engines as soon as you set up your WordPress Website and you will instantly get quality traffic that turns into paying customers?  NOT EVEN CLOSE.

Depending on the Developer of a theme marketed in this way it could mean nothing, or it could mean that it was designed to be light on code, or it could be referring to the fact that any WordPress Theme is SEO optimized because it is a publishing tool, or it could mean that it has the ability to create custom Titles, Meta Tags, and Breadcrumbs, or it could mean…  I think you get the point.  It is an abstract statement that carries very little weight.

The term OC/DC on the other hand is quite specific about how you should go about achieving results.  ”Optimizing Content For Discovery and Conversion”.

Don’t get me wrong while the statement is much more specific and defined it is not a Simple Process, much like the original SEO Marketing.


Copyblogger’s Explanation Of OC/DC:

Infographic by:  Copyblogger

SEO is Dead



As you can see by the chart there are many factors involved in this new SEO.  Whether you agree that SEO is dead or not, I think you will find value in what is being presented in this chart.


  • On-Site Optimization
    • WordPress Website
    • Fast and Flexible
      • Site should load in under 3 seconds
      • Must be Mobile Responsive
    • Useful Content
      • Create content that solves problems
      • Content fits seamlessly on your site
    • Design Optimized For Conversion
      • Test your conversion tools


  • External Optimization
    • Strategic in Targeting Traffic
      • Build “Keyword Context” across your site
        • Definition of “con·text”:  The parts of something written or spoken that immediately precede and follow a word or passage and clarify its meaning.
      • Smart and Informed Social Media Marketing
      • Increase exposure with Syndication Marketing
    • Ready To Refine Your Tactics As You Go

My Hassle Free WordPress Solution

My Hassle Free WordPress Solution

Hassle Free WordPressIf you have a WordPress Website you may be feeling a bit overwhelmed.  Once your site is up and running, and looks just right… that is when the real fun begins.

“Inbound marketing delivers 54% more leads into the marketing funnel than traditional outbound marketing.” ~ Hubspot 

Your WordPress Website is the PERFECT platform for running an Inbound Marketing Campaign.

What Is Inbound Marketing?

Inbound marketing is promoting a company through blogs, podcasts, video, eBooks, enewsletters, whitepapers, SEO, social media marketing, and other forms of content marketing which serve to bring customers in closer to the brand, where they want to be.

In contrast, buying attention, cold-calling, direct paper mail, radio, TV advertisements, sales flyers, spam,telemarketing and traditional advertising are considered “outbound marketing”. Inbound marketing earns the attention of customers, makes the company easy to be found and draws customers to the website by producing interesting content.” ~ Wikipedia

In a nutshell it is using your WordPress Website to create content and drive traffic to your site.

Hassle Free WordPress

I created this product after building over 1,000 WordPress Websites and hearing the pain in 99% of my client’s voice when I mention that they will need to blog, and keep their backend clean (no pun intended).

What makes, or can make, WordPress a hassle?

  1. Blogging
  2. WordPress Updates
  3. Plugin and Theme Updates
  4. Security
  5. Spam
  6. Malware

Most websites are not going to need much attention once the site is created.  Maybe an addition of a team member, a change of phone number, here and there.  For the most part it stays constant.



I think most business owners will agree that the hardest part of keeping your WordPress Website Up To Date is Blogging, or adding new content on a consistent basis.

We will:

  • Research Relevent Topics
  • Use a Professional Copy Writer from the US
  • Write 800 word keyword focused blog posts
  • Post them to your WordPress Blog 1 time a week
  • 4 Times a Month
*Adding industry relevant, original, engaging, content to your website on a consistent basis will help your website’s Search Engine Rankings.  This is called “Content Management” and is the ONLY true form of SEO.*



WordPress is constantly being developed.  That is a good thing.  It get’s more features, is more SEO optimized, operates better with less code, incorporates the latest technology, and becomes more stable and secure.

That means that the Themes, and Plugins that make WordPress work are also constantly being updated, also a good thing.

Except when you update WordPress, a theme or a plugin and now something doesn’t work… it happens from time to time.


Security and Malware

This is an area of confusion for most website owners.  How do I secure and keep my WordPress Website Secure?

We will keep your WordPress, Theme, and Plugins up to date.  This helps reduce the vulnerability of your website

We use to make sure that your website will be free of  Malware and other harmful viruses. We will check the health of your sites, and if there are any problems, quickly fix them.

We will add a Limit Login feature on your site to thwart “Brute Force” attacks.



One of the features of WordPress is that you can allow your readers the ability to comment on the content that you post.

Unfortunately some people use this as a way to market their own products, try to get back links for SEO, drive traffic, or just SPAM up your website.

Allowing the spam to collect will eventually slow down your website.

We will clean out your spam filter.



$129 month

No Contract
No Set Up Fee
Sign Me Up!


WordPress Experts on Retainer

While your WordPress Website will be kept up to date, and secure, and rising in the Search Engines… you may need something changed on your website.

If you are signed up for our Monthly Hassle Free WordPress Solution that will give you access to our team of WordPress Experts at a reduced rate of $35 per hour.



Let us turn your “Pain in the Neck” WordPress Website or blog into a “Hassle Free” Content Marketing Machine.

The Hassle Free WordPress Solution includes:

  • 4 800 Word, Keyword Focused, Original, US Written, Posted, Engaging Blog Posts per Month
  • WordPress, Theme, and Plugin Updates performed Monthly
  • Malware Scanned and Removed Monthly
  • Spam Scanned and Removed Monthly
  • Increase Security Measures Adopted
  • Access To Our Team of WordPress Experts for a Reduced Hourly Rate


Sign up Here:   Hassle Free WordPress Solution


Getty Images has opened the vault to the Best Free Blog Images

Getty Images has opened the vault to the Best Free Blog Images


When I started building WordPress Blogs, about 8 years ago, I would copy images from ‘Google Images’.  I mean, I think everyone has done that at least once.

Blog Posts/Articles with images get 94% more total views

Then I got a bill for $5,000 from Getty Images.

I was able to settle for much less and removed the image of course.  But the lesson was learned.  Do not take, Getty Images, off of the internet!  Untill NOW:


Getty Images Makes Millions Of Images Free For Content Publishing

This is big news.  There are many good sources for Royalty Free Images that we can use for blogging or content marketing, but none are the quality of Getty Images.

Getty Images are the Best Images on the Internet!

There is a catch:  The “Free” images are only embeddable.  That means you are just iframe ing in the image through code and the Getty Images logo and link are prominently displayed.  See Above.

How To Get Your Hand On The Free Images

You can start your search on Getty Images Here: The Best Free Blog Images

(Not All Images Are Available For “Free Use”)

When you see an image you like, hover over the image and you will see a pop up like this:

Getty Images Free Embedable Images

If you see the </> symbol then you can embed that image.  Click on that symbol.

Then you will see a pop-up that looks like this:

Getty Images Embed Code


Copy the iframe embed code.

Remember to paste the code in the HTML side of your post if you are using WordPress for your content creation


Why Do We Care About The Best Free Images For Content

Here is a fun little Infographic by:  MDG Advertising to highlight the Power Of Images.

the best free blog images

Infographic Highlights

  1. Articles containing relative images get 94% more total views Click here to tweet this
  2. Press Releases with images get 14% more views Click here to tweet this
  3. 60% of consumers are more likely to click a local business that has images Click here to tweet this
  4. 67% of consumers say the Quality of a product image is important Click here to tweet this
  5. Facebook Posts with Images get 37% more engagement Click here to tweet this

The Lazy Man’s Guide To WordPress Plugins 2014 #Infographic

The Lazy Man’s Guide To WordPress Plugins 2014 #Infographic

Best WP Plugins 2014

I love WordPress and I love WordPress Plugins.  If you need your WordPress Website to do something, or look a certain way, or take a certain action… there is probably a Plugin that will at least get you very close to what you want.

“If you don’t have the right equipment for the job, you just have to make it yourself.” – MacGyver

You can find some great plugins:




25 Best WordPress Plugins of 2014 Infographic


Lazy Mans Guide The Best WordPress Plugins In 2014

Infographic by: Siteber

You Can Download The Plugins From The Guide Here:

  1. All In One
  2. BJ Lazy Load
  3. Sucuri Site Check
  4. Better WP Security
  5. WP
  6. Soliloquy
  7. WP Google Fonts
  8. Fancier Author Box by ThematoSoup
  9. WordPress SEO by Yoast
  10. Yet Another Related Posts Plugin YARPP
  11. WordPress Backup to Dropbox
  12. Broken Link Checker
  13. Sendpress: Email Marketing and Newsletters
  14. W3 Total Cache
  15. Google XML Sitemaps
  16. Disqus Commenting System
  17. SEO Friendly Images
  18. Shortcodes Ultimate
  19. Page Builder by Site Origin
  20. Ultimate TinyMCE
  21. Akismet
  22. Contact Form 7
  23. 404 Redirection
  24. Thank Me Later
  25. WP Retina 2X



While it is true Plugins can be very handy for giving your WordPress Website some marketing juice, they can also be risky.  Make sure you do your homework and backup up your site before you upload a plugin.

Many on this list are “Evergreen” standouts on the best of lists:  Wordpress SEO, W3 Total Cache, Akismet, Contact Form 7..

A couple that caught my attention:

WP Retina 2X – You may have heard the term “Retina Display”.  Most laptops and desktops display images at fairly low DPI.  But the new Retina Display devices are a higher DPI and the images are much crisper.  This is done by reducing the size of the images by half.  In order for your site to take advantage of the Retina Display you must have images that are doubled in size.  But since most screens are not done this way, you must also still have your standard sized images.  This plugin allows you to load 2 sizes of the same image and the plugin will serve up the correct image for the screen resolution.

Fancier Author Box – This one is pretty self explanatory it creates a nice looking Author box below each of your blog posts.  Giving each blog post, some personalization and a call to action.

Page Builder – This plugin is amazingly complex but pretty simple to understand. It gives you to ability to make customized pages using a drag and drop system.  In other words you can create landing page style pages without knowing HTML, CSS, or JS.


5 Necessities you Want in a Real Estate Website [Video] #GLAMR

5 Necessities You Want In A Real Estate Website [Video] #GLAMR

Real Estate Website

I was recently contacted by @RyanSteinolfson of Accelerate Your Marketing and asked to be an expert on Real Estate Websites.  We used Google Hangouts to create a video of the interview and posted the result to Youtube.

In the video I explain an acronym that I coined:  G.L.A.M.R.

G – Generate
L – Legitimize
A – Authority
M – Multiply
R – Residence

You can watch the video or read through the transcript to find out what the 5 necessities you want in a real estate website are and how they are coined GLAMR.

Real Estate Website Interview

Video Interview Transcript

Ryan here at business trends TV and today
I have Jason Fox not to be confused with Jamie Foxx, I have done that a few times. Glad to have you on today.  Jason I know that you’re an expert on building a real estate  website. 
We are going to learn a lot from Jason.
How are you doing?


I’m doing good, Thank you.

You bet, you’re an expert in real estate web siteswhat’s are three things that you would look for in a great real estate website?  What are three
tips or things that you would make sure that
any really good real estate website would have?
That’s a great question and, you know, I’m actually gonna have to answer
that with
an acronym that I’ve coined. I call it GLAMR.
Thats G.L.A.M.R. ,it’s actually five things but I think that there are 5 necesseties that every real estate website should have. 
The G is for generates.
I am going to put it this way, there’s really no point in having a
website if it’s not doing something for you, if it’s not working for you.
I mean 24/7, it’s like the AM/PM for real estate leads. By generating, I just mean some calls to action,
having some lead capture form,  some way to collect leads from your website.
L is for Legitimacy,  and what I mean by that is, when somebody comes to your site it should be
good looking, it should be user-friendly, it should have an
IDX Feed, it should have the things that people come to expect from a real estate website, so that we see the site as legitimate.
A is for Authoritative and we can do that with our content.
If you’re blogging and creating great content, when I come to your site I can see you as
an authority, especially for your area of expertise, and if you are doing a hyper-local real estate campaign.
M is for Multiply, and what I mean by that is
that  your website should be able to take your content, or your message,
and spread it all over the web pretty easily.
Finally the R is for Residence.
and can weave her maybe there’s a little bit but your
the website should be your marketing hub and a good word Press website
I’m kinda create a residence or home where you can drag all at your marketing
into I one localized spot.
Thank you for that that’s that’s really good insights.
Jason in regards to the five things, as opposed to three things, that somebody would want
in their website.  I mean, obviously, it’s gotta be generating some leads for the business.
I agree, it’s got to be authoritative. I think thats awesome
What about reputation, do you think it’s Social Proof from the website? Is that something you would incorporate?
On every site that I do I  build a review page or a testimonial page of some sort.
I add reviews in widgets or are different areas depending on the level
of reviews that our clients have right now.
I can tell you that I work with some of top professionals here in the Pacific Northwest,
and across the nation, and what I have found is that
there are many that are just generating a ton of business, because they have excellent 5 star reviews on the Zillow site.
Just on Zillow, or is that on other sites as well?
Zillow is a niche review site for real estate.  I know a mortgage broker that has 63,  5-star reviews, on Yelp
and they generate about 5 to 10 phone calls
a week, off of that page.
Powerful Suff.  That’s very very powerful.
Incorporating those same reviews, and pulling those Yelp reviews and Zillow reviews
onto their website would be something that would be advantageous.
I think you would agree to that?
We don’t believe in advertising, we’ve all seen Toyota and Coca Cola and
McDonalds on the television telling us that this is the best car, or the best cheeseburger.
People don’t buy that stuff anymore. What we want is, we want some proof, we want
social proof, and we want our friends, our family, and people that we trust telling us that yeah this is a good service.
There’s some data that I’ve heard that states that
80% of people that get a referral from somebody
out in the world, whether it be a friend or family member or whoever, that 80% of those people that get the referral will
actually go two places.  60% of those eighty
percent, will go to the website and the other 40% will directly to the review directories.
I think it’s imperative that those reviews are not only on the
website but also on the various directories.
as five star reviews as ours it’s imprinted
it’s imperative at those reviews or on the website and that they are as close to five
stars as possible,  and
the same thing is happening on the directory sites too.  Because that’s where
eighty percent of people, when they hear about your business from a brother a
sister or mother  or anybody else,
that is where they’re going.  They are going on their smartphones, they are picking
up their smart phone
They are typing in Jason Fox, they are typing in Ryan Steinolfson, they are
typing in our names and our businesses and they’re trying to find out what
other people are saying about us, is the bottom line.
The next thing is, you’re an expert on real estate web sites, what if somebody became your
customer what would they experience, what kind of experience can they expect?
I have owned a one-size-fits-all business in the past
and I found that, what I want to do is be more of a
Marketing Boutique, if you will, specializing in real estate agent web sites.
There’s not a one size fits all solution,
but I do offer a lot a different suggestion.
All my web sites are built on WordPress, I am a WordPress specialist.
I believe in it because I’m a huge fan of content marketing and SEO,
and just the power that content can bring.
What I will do is take somebody through
some different scenarios such as: different ID X providers,
different theme options, and looks and then I’ll help them figure
out, based on what they already have going, a site that fits into not just
being a website but also fits into their entire marketing campaign.
Awesome, so you have a system or a process there where you
treat everybody as an individual. You’re more hands-on, it’s not like
you just everybody as one-size-fits-all.
You have some really good tools that you would want to use, like IDX,  and all the other
tools that you want to incorporate in a real estate website.
It sounds like you’ve got a situation there where your
treating your customers as clients,
you really build a custom solution for them.
Yes, I call it more semi custom because also understand that most my clients are on a strict budget
as, entrepreneurial real estate professionals.
I have found all the best
servers, and all the best IDX providers, the best WordPress Themes,
 the best plugins, then I just help to kinda put it all together and build out
a good, robust, user friendly, and  mobile-friendly website solution.
Awesome, it is very important to make it mobile-friendly also.
As you know, now we know that somewhere between 30 and 50 percent of
all searches are happening on a mobile device. That’s an  amazing statistic. 

Are you looking for the Best Real Estate WordPress Themes?

Are you looking for the Best Real Estate WordPress Themes?


Agent Evolution LLC

While there is an abundance of Real Estate WordPress Themes, there is not that many that are high quality.

“Child themes and a framework are the only way you should build your WordPress site and Genesis has great support for child themes and other WordPress functionality.”  ~ Matt Mullenweg (founder of WordPress)

I will strongly recommend that you do not build your business on a “Free WordPress Theme”.  When you get “Free Stuff” on the internet what usually happens?  You get spyware, cookies, or worse.  Even if the theme is clean and all you get is the “Author’s Advertising” chances are you are not getting a well coded, SEO Friendly theme that has been well thought out and will continue to be developed.


Agent Evolution Real Estate WordPress Themes

These guys build the Best Real Estate WordPress Themes.  I built my first Real Estate Website using the Curb Appeal theme about 8 months ago, I have been using them every since.  Here’s why:

–>The themes are “Child Themes” that are built on the Genesis Framework

–>5 Themes to choose from

Curb Appeal
Turn Key
Picture Perfect
Open Floor Plan
Must See

–>Responsive (Mobile Friendly) HTML5 / CSS3 Design

–>Well Thought Out User Experience

–> Flexibility giving you the option to highlight your most important features and content within the design using Widgets  and Shortcodes

–>All themes focus on using full screen size images for a fantastic look and first impression

–>Custom CSS Editors

–>Multiple color options

-->Integrates well with IDX

The bottom line is that these are high quality child themes that are intelligently thought out for the Real Estate Profession.

Fabulous Properties WordPress Website

Theme: Picture Perfect  |  Hosting: WPEngine | Designed by: Jason Fox | URL: | IDX: IDX Broker


Child Themes

“A WordPress child theme is a theme that inherits the functionality of another theme, called the parent theme. Child themes allow you to modify, or add to the functionality of that parent theme. A child theme is the safest and easiest way to modify an existing theme, whether you want to make a few tiny changes or extensive changes. Instead of modifying the theme files directly, you can create a child theme and override within.” (WordPress Codex)

In this case the parent theme is Genesis built by StudioPress.  That means that in order to use any of the Agent Evolution Real Estate Themes you will need to own or purchase Genesis.

Using child themes has a few advantages:

  • The biggest is that you can tweak your child theme without losing the ability to update the parent theme, and loosing all your work.
  • Provided you are using a good parent theme (Genesis is considered the best by many pros) you have the reassurance of knowing that your site will be secure, and SEO optimized.  You can not count on this being done with all themes.
  • In order to keep up with the WordPress Updates your theme should be constantly in development.  This is not possible for most theme developers.  Using a child theme over the Genesis Framework means that your WordPress site will allways be using the most current updates.


Real Estate Themes

Turn Key $49

Turn Key Real Estate WordPress Theme

Curb Appeal $49

Curb Appeal Real Estate Theme

Picture Perfect $49

Picture Perfect Real Estate Theme

Must See $49

Must See Real Estate Child Theme

Open Floor Plan $49

Open Floor Plan Real Estate WordPress theme
You can buy the theme that fits your look and feel or if you want to buy all the themes you can get a discount on a “Developer Pack” and get all 6 themes for only $249.

Purchase Your New Real Estate Theme

Turn Key Responsive Real Estate Theme

Curb Appeal Responsive Design

Picture Perfect Mobile Friendly Theme

Must See Responsive Real Estate Theme

Open Floor Plan Responsive Real Estate Child Theme

(Disclosure: I am an affiliate sales partner for Agent Evolution, Studiopress, IDX Broker, and WPEngine)