Things You Don’t Want…or Need on Your Real Estate Website

Things you don't want...or need on your real estate website

Why Do You Want These Things On Your Real Estate Website?We talk in great length about all the things you need on your website. So, when we had a few clients over the last couple of weeks ask for some 'interesting' customizations to their website, we found ourselves spending an inordinate amount of time explaining why they don't need those 'interesting' widgets, gadgets and doohickies littering their Real Estate Website. Too often Real Estate Agents and Brokers suffer from an … [Read more...]

The Template For Making a Good-Looking Blog Post

How To Make a Good Looking Blog Post

 The Steps I Use to Help in Making a Good Looking Blog Post "Your post should display how much of a professional writer and blogger you are! The more professional your post looks the more respect and trust you will earn! " ~ Phillip Dews Blogging is hard.  I am not going to lie.  What blogging platform (CMS) should you use, Coming up with the idea, writing the content, creating the headline, finding or creating the images or videos, SEO... MG!If you have a WordPress Blog, … [Read more...]

How To Add Custom Fonts to WordPress

How to add custom fonts to wordpress

Give your WordPress Site a little Snazz by Adding a Custom Font"Good typography or bad typography – which one would you think might make a reluctant reader more likely to give up? Typography (good or bad) can make the difference between visitors staying on our sites or going elsewhere." ~ Christian Nelson I am not a Typographer.  That is an art form that requires years of study and practice.  I am a guy that knows that typography is important.  And therefore, has to add custom fonts … [Read more...]

Best Times To Post for Social Media Effectiveness [Infographic]

Best Times To Post to Social Media to Increase Effectiveness

What Time You Post Can Increase Your Social Media Effectiveness! What are the Best Times?   "There's a fundamental distinction between strategy and operational effectiveness." ~ Michael Porter  Analytics and Data are the tools we can use to easily turn a strategy into actual results.  Not all Real Estate Marketing decisions are made as easy as when to post to your social media.  When I first started down this path... all I knew was what I thought I knew.  Now I say... … [Read more...]

Pros and Cons of Using a Top Level Domain (TLD)

Top Level Domain

Considering a new website or perhaps just a new domain name to brand you and your business? The selection of  Your Top Level Domain or TLD has become as confusing to some as the internet itself!   The Internet is becoming the town square for the global village of tomorrow. - Bill Gates  Today, real estate brokers and marketers (one in the same; in case you were wondering) can have it all. And it's as simple as having a website, a social media platform and the power to … [Read more...]

How To Display Sold Listings On Your Real Estate Website

How to add your sold listings to your real estate website

Create Custom Lists of Sold Listings, or Your Current Listings, on your WordPress Real Estate Website   "...the key indicator that matters to the one client looking for help with that one transaction is; “Can you close the deal?”, says Trulia writer Jovan Hackley  Give your websites more G.L.A.M.R. by increasing your Legitimacy and proving that you Can Close The Deal.  You can do this by having a method to Display Sold Listings on your Real Estate Website. 100% of the Real … [Read more...]

Why Your Real Estate Business Needs A Content Marketing Strategy

Why your real estate business needs a content marketing strategy

Guest Post By: Peter Boyle // www.have-a-word.comWhy Your Real Estate Business Needs a Content Marketing Strategy   "Marketing is telling the world you're a Rock star.  Content Marketing is showing the world you are one." ~ Robert Rose  I’ve seen my fair share of real estate sites and am sad to say that far too many realtors take a seemingly lackadaisical approach to their online presence.   It appears the general consensus on content marketing in the real estate … [Read more...]

The Power of Syndicating Content through Social Media for Real Estate

Syndicating Content through Social Media

Drive Your Own Traffic with Social Media and Content Syndication  We've written several posts on the power of real estate blogging, offered blogging ebooks on the subject and talked to almost everyone who would listen about how adding content to your real estate website can and will increase traffic as well as your online credibility, authority and legitimacy.Although this may seem standard practice for some, the task of syndicating content through social media may still be a … [Read more...]

Mobile Design for the Modern Real Estate Website [Infographic]

Mobile design for real estate websites

The What, Why, and How of Real Estate Website Mobile DesignThe average US Adult spends about 5 hours a month using the internet on their smart phone, not including apps.  According to a Neilsen survey, "...US adults spent on average 34 hours per month using the mobile internet on smartphones. By comparison, they spend 27 hours on the PC internet,"  as reported on Marketing Land. They go on to point out that, "of that smart phone internet time, apps capture 86 percent of usage. … [Read more...]

Myths vs. Fact: How Real Estate Websites Work

How real estate websites work

Top 3 Questions We Get From Clients About How Real Estate Websites Work  We are stuck with technology when what we really want is just stuff that works. –Douglas Adams  In just the last 5 years, we've seen an evolution in how real estate websites work...and in the way your potential real estate clients find, research and decide to invest in your product or service.  The smart business plan for all real estate professionals is to have a strong online … [Read more...]