DIY Internet Marketing For Real Estate

The Best Free WordPress CRM Plugin for Real Estate Lead Generation

This Plugin Will Increase Your Real Estate Lead Generation and Without Much Effort   "How do you turn leads into clients? Strong personal skills and services are one part. The other piece: Having a system that keeps track of prospects, so they keep track of you when they’re ready to buy or sell." (Realtor Mag)   What if you want a WordPress website and a Lead Generating CRM solution? Previously you would have had to: Build your WordPress website Sign up for one of the Read More

Get Your Own Personal Real Estate Social Media Expert

"If you don't have a are one!" - Patrick Flynn & many others I imagine We are all too aware of the vital need for a strong social media presence as a compliment to your real estate website. The issue we run into as website designers and developers is that we can not do it all for our clients!  That includes setting up your Facebook, Twitter & Linkedin accounts. Beyond creating and building dynamic real estate websites, we have little time to add the vital components of a Read More

Matt Parker Explains The Real Estate Sales Secret Book

"Sitting exactly where you sit today, in exactly the clothes you are wearing, and with your specific distinct personality you have immense, wild, and contagious power." ~ Matt Parker   If you are a basketball fan, like I am, either of the NCAA or NBA, you know the yearly champion doesn’t win by that much.  Yeah, at the end of the season, there’s a big parade for the winner and a lot of hullabaloo, but, it’s not like the champion was twice as good, or even 10 percent better than their Read More

The Coolest Way To Prove Your The Real Estate Community Expert

"Real estate transactions are a big deal for pretty much everybody, making the help of an expert crucial. You can bet that most people that are buying or selling a home are searching for information before their transaction, and the best way to become their agent is to have that information. Creating a community page lets you be that information source."  ~ Bill Gasset I wrote a blog post recently about my experience visiting open houses, "Real Estate Agents Don't Waste Your Time Hosting Open Read More

Top Five Techniques To Develop Your Real Estate Twitter Following

"Fortunately, the things happening on Twitter are no longer stories about what you have had for lunch or dinner.  A tweet can now have long reaching impact." ~ Leo Widrich of Bufferapp   As of 2015, Twitter is the top ranking social media website for businesses: with a monthly average of 250 plus million users, there is a huge platform to promote yourself and your company. From a real estate standpoint, creating a dedicated following is one of the hardest thing to do. It takes a long Read More

29 Ways To Measure Your Real Estate Content Marketing Efforts [Infographic]

Are you curious if your content marketing efforts are paying off? "Treat your content like a product. ~ Drew Davis, Brandscaping"   I know most of you that read this will be saying something like; Jason I barely get a blog post out every month and log-in to my Facebook and you want me to use 29 metrics to measure the success of that? No I don't.  but I thought this was a fun Infographic to give an idea of the complexity that is Real Estate Content Marketing and SEO. Some of you will Read More