Real Estate Agent Social Media Guide and New Tips [Infographic]

Real Estate Agent Social Media Guide

Helpful tips for todays real estate brokers to grow their social media presence.“… Real estate companies that can harness the power of social media to manage and market property will gain enormous advantage over laggards in this arena,” wrote the study’s authors. #Duh! (source: Inman News)I know, another post about Real Estate Social Media... yeah another post.Look, I know that I am supposed to eat healthy.  But I don't.  Then sometimes when I see one of the Zillion reminders to eat … [Read more...]

Create As Many Sexy Single Property Websites As You Want

Create as Many Single Property Websites As you Want

Using a Free WP Listings WordPress Plugin and a Pack of Themes You Can Purchase For Under $25 Bucks"The 3 P's of Selling a Home; PRICE, PRESENTATION and PROMOTION"  ~ UnknownI can not help you with Price or Presentation but I can help you to become a better promoter.Have you heard the phrase; "Single Property Website"?  These have been around for a while and my old company had a product called the "Listing Makeover" that made some pretty awesome Single Property Websites.You have probably … [Read more...]

How to NOT Get Sued when Using Images for your Real Estate Website

Using images for your real estate website

Taking just a few extra minutes to add striking images for your real estate website can truly set you and your site apart...AND, doing it right can keep you out of hot water!I'm attracted to images that come from a personal exploration of a subject matter. When they have a personal stamp to them, then I think it becomes identifiable. - Leonard NimoyAs with most adults, I am a visual person. I see, understand and often times, assimilate what I'm reading better through images. Employing the … [Read more...]

Your Site Has To Be Google Mobile Friendly Today

Your Site Has To Be Google Mobile Friendly Today

April 21st, Today, Is The Launch Day Of Google's New Mobile Search Algorithm "Q: What is this algorithmic update, who will it impact?A: This update will impact only mobile searchers and it will give a ranking boost to mobile-friendly pages in Google’s mobile search results only." (source: search engine land) At first glance this may not seem like a big deal.  Loosing some traffic from mobile searches only.  According to findings in the 2014 Mobile Path-to-Purchase study by … [Read more...]

Real Estate Websites Don’t Generate Leads… Marketing Does

Real Estate Websites Don't Generate Leads Your Marketing Does

Your Website Can Assist You In Converting Your Marketing Efforts into Leads"I would like my new website to generate leads" ~ 50% of my Real Estate Clients When my partner and I hear this comment we generally utter out a collectively sigh of confusion.  Why do people think that their website will generate leads?  Who started this horrifying rumor?Oh I know... Website builders that want to sell websites. SEO Gurus that want to sell SEO.  And maybe a little left over from the first … [Read more...]

Only 6 ‘Inbound marketing’ Steps Can Turn Strangers Into Real Estate Clients

Inbound Marketing to Turn Strangers into Real Estate Clients

Inbound marketing is simply the best way to attract and nurture new prospects online. ~ Laura Monroe of Inman NewsI have a real estate broker friend that I have talked to for a while about what it is that I do.  The problem is what I do not, check that.. Can Not, do.What I mean by that is this:What We DoWe build G.L.A.M.R.ous WordPress Websites for our clients.  We add all the cool tools that make it as easy as possible for a real estate broker to run a successful Inbound Marketing … [Read more...]

Why Real Estate Agents Should be Guest Blogging

Real Estate Agents Should Be Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is one of the most efficient, yet misunderstood, social media marketing tactics.~ Ann Smarty (source: Social Media Examiner) Last year, Google’s Matt Cutts created a storm of sorts in the blogging world when he declared that guest-blogging was “done”.But in fact, what he meant was that guest blogging, if used only for the purpose of including some “spammy” links in your post to trick search engines into pushing your website up in page rankings, should be stopped. In … [Read more...]

Simplify Your Real Estate Blogging With Curated Content

Simplify Your Real Estate Blogging with Curated Content

(image courtesy of:  Pixabay)"So this is not just about saving money or time: it’s also about adding to your original content’s results in terms of traffic, SEO or leads as well as building trust with your audience in a way your own content can not."~ (source: Is Curated Content This post you are reading is an example of a curated post.  While reading a blog post yesterday I thought, "I think the people who read my blog would find this blog post of interest".  … [Read more...]

Things You Don’t Want…or Need on Your Real Estate Website

Things you don't want...or need on your real estate website

Why Do You Want These Things On Your Real Estate Website?We talk in great length about all the things you need on your website. So, when we had a few clients over the last couple of weeks ask for some 'interesting' customizations to their website, we found ourselves spending an inordinate amount of time explaining why they don't need those 'interesting' widgets, gadgets and doohickies littering their Real Estate Website. Too often Real Estate Agents and Brokers suffer from an … [Read more...]

The Template For Making a Good-Looking Blog Post

How To Make a Good Looking Blog Post

 The Steps I Use to Help in Making a Good Looking Blog Post "Your post should display how much of a professional writer and blogger you are! The more professional your post looks the more respect and trust you will earn! " ~ Phillip Dews Blogging is hard.  I am not going to lie.  What blogging platform (CMS) should you use, Coming up with the idea, writing the content, creating the headline, finding or creating the images or videos, SEO... MG!If you have a WordPress Blog, … [Read more...]