Starting a real estate blog is an exciting way to communicate with your customers—past, current and future! In this day and age, a blog is crucial for building a strong online presence. It’s the very foundation of any content marketing strategy


For successful real estate blogging, you need to create epic content that resonates with your audience. If done correctly, your blog can successfully market your business, sell properties, and position you as a leader in your market. 


For successful real estate blogging, you need to create epic content that resonates with your audience.Click To Tweet


But it’s not an easy task to come up with real estate blog topics that are both exciting and helpful. Luckily, I’ve worked in real estate for years and know this industry in and out. I’ve come up with 110+ unique ideas for creating blogs, articles, guides, and listicles that you can “steal” for your business. 


Showcase Your Knowledge

Real Estate Blog Topics


  1. Are you a neighborhood expert? Share everything you know about your particular hood including restaurants, activities and parks!
  2. What about your city? Tell potential buyers all the secret, hidden local hot spots.
  3. Write about your WHY. Why did you select real estate as a career? What makes you love your job and what is it like to be a realtor?
  4. What are your work ethics, rites, or rituals? Write about the values you hold dear in personal and professional life. 
  5. Write about any SOPs you follow in your business processes? Do you use software to improve efficiency and save time?
  6. Write about your employees. They do a good job and a lot of heavy lifting. Potential clients will feel more confident seeing your caring side.
  7. Case studies are a big hit. Request testimonials from happy customers, and if they consent, you can create a blog post about how you helped them find their dream house. 
  8. Ask your clients how they like their new home. What do they like best about their neighborhood and what they wish they had known before they bought their new home?
  9. Write about your marketing methods. What makes you stand out and what are your favorite ways of marketing your properties. 
  10. Did something marketing-wise work particularly well for you? Share this success (and the best practices you used to achieve it) with your readers.
  11. Write about the area of town you live, talk about what you like and what you don’t. Maybe you like something better in another area, but chose not to relocate? Tell your reasons. 
  12. Everyone has a hobby. What’s yours? Create a blog post about it. 
  13. Do you have pets? Why not write about them!
  14. Did you get a chance to work with your ideal client? You can write a blog post to narrate the story about your fun experience. 
  15. Are you learning something on the side, or do you engage in some regular activities? Take what you learned and post about it.
  16. Introduce your readers to the Home Owners’ Association (HOA) in your neighborhood. Tell them about their benefits and how they can contact them. Add important numbers and add a link to their website or social media. 


Feature Properties With Guides and Listicles

Real Estate Blog Topics


  1. Create a list of the most expensive properties for sale in your area. Mention the unique features of each property and its market value.
  2. List all the affordable properties for sale in your market and discuss which features are the most important for budget-minded buyers.
  3. Create a list of properties or the neighborhoods best for seniors. You should also discuss the features crucial for senior homeowners.
  4. What makes a certain property suitable for pets? Make a list of best-pet homes in your area and also inform why these houses are best for furry housemates.
  5. Do you think some of the estates in your area are a great deal? Put together a list and discuss why you think those properties are the best buy.
  6. What are the best rental properties in your area? You can also discuss the factors people should consider while offering their property for rent. 
  7. Are there any lofts for rent in your market? Create a list with some epic photographs to give your readers a virtual tour of the properties. 
  8. Many people buy second homes, so if you know of some properties suitable for this purpose, why not write about them. You can also discuss if they’re worth the investment or not.
  9. Create an inventory of properties good for investment. Is there a flip you can cover? 
  10. Are there any unusual properties in your area? You can write about them to pique readers’ interest. If not, write about unique homes all over the country.  
  11. If you have any historic properties or old houses in your market, you can create a buzz by writing about its story or create a list if you have more than one. 
  12. Create a list of the best properties for commuters. They typically look for properties that are easily accessible through bus, train, or subway. 
  13. You can write a complete guide to address concerns of newlyweds looking for a new home. 
  14. First-time homeowners have a ton of questions and concerns. Think of all the questions you’ve heard from your buyers over the years and make it into a comprehensive guide or FAQ post.
  15. Do you have any advice to offer to recent retirees looking for a retirement home or estate? Why not write about it?
  16. New parents and families with kids often want to relocate to a good school district. Write about the performance of the best schools in your service area. You can rank them based on their performance. You should also list properties for sale or rent near each school.
  17. Is there a military base near your town? You can write about the different military rewards offered in your state or by your brokerage.
  18. Did a school or college in your area win a competition or was in the news for a reason to be proud of? Why not celebrate with them by writing a blog post about them. 
  19. Are there any properties ideal for people with special needs? These properties could be designed specifically for differently-abled adults and/or kids or maybe near therapy centers or other accessible activity centers.


Talk About Lifestyle and Home Features

Real Estate Blog Topics


  1. Do you like golf? What are some of the properties near the best courses? What should a buyer look for when selecting a golf course home? You can create a complete guide if you serve a golf community.
  2. Write a blog post about the homes with the best pools on the market. Remember to add photographs!
  3. Write a guide for pool ownership. What do people need to know if they’re going to own a pool?
  4. List out the year’s hottest kitchen upgrades. Granite countertops or no-slam cabinets are all the rage right now.
  5. Bathroom inspiration is always top of mind for potential home buyers. What are some of the best bathrooms you’ve seen and why?
  6. Talk about how to maintain a back deck or porch. This could include tips from staining to decorating.
  7. What can homeowners do if they want to convert one of their rooms to a home office? What should they look for in terms of decor and such?
  8. Interview an inspection officer—what are common things he looks for when inspecting a home? What can homeowners do to keep these things maintained?