There are a ton of choices for building the best real estate agent website.  But there is only 1 obvious choice; WordPress.


WordPress is not only the most popular CMS, it is also the fastest-growing system: Every 74 seconds a site within the top 10 million starts using WordPress. Compare this with Shopify, the second-fastest growing CMS, which is gaining a new site every 22 minutes.” (MarketingLand)


Many real estate agents that I speak to wonder if they should use WordPress for the best Real Estate Agent Website and they currently fall into one of these categories:

  1.  Real Estate agents wonder if the website that their brokerage provides them is giving them a competitive advantage
  2.  They don’t have a website but know they need one and are overwhelmed by the options and prices
  3. Agents have a website that they don’t like or does not do anything for them


I am going to show you 100 reason why we know that WordPress is the best real estate agent website...Click To Tweet


I am going to show you 100 reason why we know that WordPress is the best real estate agent website. These are in no particular order, however, the first 20 or so are my ‘go to’ reasons why WordPress is good for your business…without a doubt!


*Note: I am not talking about, I am talking about

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100 Reasons Why WordPress is the Best Real Estate Agent Website Infographic

When your done you can keep reading for a more in depth explanation:

100 reasons why WordPress is the best real estate agent website

WordPress Is The Best Real Estate Agent Website

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100 Answers

To The Question

Should I Use WordPress For The Best Real Estate Agent Website?




I could almost stop the list right here.  I CAN NOT over emphasize how important this is.

If you start building your business on a website that you do not own at some point it will come back to burn you.  And when it does you will be left with nothing.

What I mean by ownership is that as long as you keep your hosting account current, your site will never go away, switch owners, go out of business, become irrelevant, move offices, etc.

Interesting fact, most real estate agents websites that rank on the first page of Google for strong keywords are there primarily because of how long the website has existed.



No matter how small you start your WordPress website can grow with your business.  WordPress will scale with your business needs and you will never outgrow your site.

That is why we call it “The Last Business Website You Will Ever Need”.



WordPress themes allow you to lay the groundwork for a professionally designed website, the best real estate agent website.

There are currently 3,815 Free Themes available in the WordPress repository.

There are also many “Premium” theme developers including Agent Evolution, StudioPress, Elegant Themes, and Theme Forest.



I will dive into plugins more deeply as the list progresses because there are so many wonderful things you can do with plugins.

Basically, WordPress plugins are small apps that you can easily add to your site to fulfill a functionality need.  Do you have a need on your website, “There’s a plugin for that”, as the saying goes.

There are currently 43,768 plugins in the WordPress Repository.

There are also many “Premium” plugin developers including Code Canyon, iThemes, and WPMU DEV.

5. SEO


So much can be said about SEO, but we will not get into that for this post.  What is important is that Matt Cutts, of Google Spam, has publicly stated that a self-hosted WordPress site is good for SEO.  In his presentation at WordCamp, he states, “WordPress automatically solves a ton of SEO issues.”

Install the Yoast SEO Plugin for free and configure it to really fine tune your on page SEO.



One of the big advantages to using WordPress that we will cover a little later is that it is easy to use… that being said it does have a learning curve.  In addition, your site will probably need some trouble shooting from time to time.

When that happens there are many places to go and find the answers you are looking for.

Personally, when I have a problem I usually start by typing my problem into Google and usually within a few links I find the answer I am looking for.

There are many community support groups you can join to find answers including the official WordPress forum, or the official forum for the Theme, or plugin that you are struggling with.



Open Source Software means the original source code is made freely available and may be redistributed and modified.  Meaning it is being constantly developed, or improved, by a huge community of WordPress Developers.

This is why there are so many free plugins and themes.  This is also why the adoption rate has been so high and why we can count on it to continue to be a developed and updated CMS for many years to come.



You can do everything but host your site for FREE! is free, you can use free themes, and free plugins and design it yourself for free.

Free is a great price for the best real estate agent website.



WordPress offers the best internet publishing tool in the form of a rolling blog.

A blog is short for weblog, or a log of ideas, opinions, and information that is on the web.

Today many businesses are using Blogs to help a Content Marketing strategy that helps to generate business online.

10. CMS


WordPress does offer the ability to blog, but it also acts as a full CMS or Content Management Solution.  More commonly known as a website.  That means you do not need to think of your website and your blog as being in different locations.  With WordPress, they are one in the same.

Although, you can use WordPress as just your CMS or as just your blogging tool.



You may have been told that in order to generate leads online you will need a Landing Page, or Capture Page, or Squeeze Page.  These are simply a single page online that offers something in exchange for the visitor’s contact information, thus producing a lead.

WordPress makes creating Landing Pages quite simple with the help of a Contact Form plugin.  You can also create landing pages with and integrate your landing pages into your WordPress site with their plugin.



Look, no website worth its salts will be built in an hour.  It takes some time to put together a nice WordPress website just like any of the other website alternatives.

Don’t believe the hype if you see the commercials that show websites being built right before your eyes.

That being said, WordPress is as easy to use as any website building software that is out t