10 Web Font Combinations That Look Great Together [ #Infographic ]

10 Web Font Combinations


 “2 Great Tastes That Taste Great Together” – Reese’s

Web font combinations are a subtle little trick for getting a website to pop.  A good pairing of fonts can provide contrast for a website without having to using additional colors or designs.  Meaning you can create a unique look and still stay clean in your design, and provide a great UX (user experience).

Web Font Combinations

  • Georgia and Verdana
  • Helvetica Bold and Garamond
  • Bodoni and Futura
  • Franklin Gothic and Baskerville
  • Caslon Bold and Univers Light
  • Frutiger Bold and Minion
  • Minion Bold and Myriad
  • Gill Sans Bold and Garamond
  • Clarendon and Trade Gothic
  • Avenir and Minion

You may notice that the formula is to use a Serif font with a sans serif font.

Serif Fonts – The best example of the serif font is Times New Roman, the default font on Word.  They are the fonts with a small line attached to the end of the line of the letter or number.

San Serif Fonts – The best example of the san serif (or without a serif) font is Arial.  They are the fonts that do not have a small line attached to the end of the line of the letter or number.


Google Web Fonts

It wasn’t long ago that web designers were limited in what fonts could be used natively on a website.  You could use any font you wanted as long as it was in an image.  But this posed a couple problems:

1.  Search engines can’t read images
2.  When designing sites that were content rich, you would still need to use web fonts and they would not match your images

Now there are 632 Open Source (FREE) fonts that you can use to design with on Google Fonts.


Web Font Combinations Infographic

10 Great Web font combinations by Stepto & Son Design

10 Great Web Font Combinations from Stepto & Son Design