Here’s an interesting experiment for you: get a dozen or so realtors to write on a piece of paper the top three features they’d want in their ideal marketing platform. Features that would have the most impact on their reach and branding potential.


instagram for real estate


What you’d most likely end up with are a bunch of papers pretty much describing most things you can do with Instagram.

Top 3 features real estate agents want in their ideal marketing platform are things you can do with Instagram. Click To Tweet


Without a doubt, Instagram has grown to be one of the most powerful social networks out there, and it’s ideally outfitted to handle the needs of real estate agents looking to leverage social marketing for their business.


Its user base favors the “on-the-go” type of content that’s so familiar for realtors (constantly moving around showing properties, doing open houses, etc.) which gives you a unique opportunity to nurture and manage a polished property catalog combined with an effective channel to attract new clients, leads, and referrals for your business with little added effort.


And that’s what social media marketing is all about!


Now, as it’s the trend with most other social networks right now, compelling video content can make all the difference in the world for your marketing strategy. Helping you stand out and set yourself apart from the competition when done right.