Green Ocean Weekly Real Estate Podcast

Hosted By: Howard Chung, Paige Ward and Jason Fox

new weekly real estate podcast

I am thrilled to be able to share with you a new project that I have been a part of for the last few months…

Green Ocean TV

The project is a machine learning video content library that SHOW you How to Succeed in Real Estate. On demand real estate industry thought leader discussions and the trademarked GO action items to make sure that you are able to put the ideas into action.

Whether you are leading an office or work as a solo agent you will find something that will help to inspire you.
One of the founders of Green Ocean is Howard Chung, and along with Paige Ward he asked me to join them in creating a weekly real estate podcast.

About The Podcast

We have finished 2 episodes of the Podcast that is hosted on Simplecast and has now been given approval for Spotify, Apple, Google and

The general format of the show is that Paige Ward is the host, Howard Chung is the lead co-host and I am a co-host.  The first 2 episodes we have not had guests, but often we will.

We will be discussing best practices for real estate business growth under the current conditions of the market and world today.  Real estate business growth comes in many different shapes and sizes.  Sure we all want more listings.  But how and why we get there is what we want to help with.

We will talk about philosophy, mindset, motivation, techniques, skill sets, best practices, current tools, marketing strategies and how they related to the marke we are in today.

The Podcast Crew

Howard Chung

Paige Ward

Jason Fox

howard chung
paige ward
Jason Fox

Howard has been a top level executive for a large real estate franchise for over 15 years. He was a top 1% producing real estate agent and owned and operated his own real estate office.

Paige has been in the limelight most of her life as a spokesperson for many different products and playing many roles on television.  She is an active real estate broker and host of a local broadcast called Sounds Great!

Jason has been helping real estate agents build their online presence through marketing and personal branding for over 15 years.  He currently owns a real estate affiliate office and is an active real estate broker.

Episode 1 : Green Ocean Weekly Podcast – A Green Ocean is made up of Light, Water, and Nutrients

Co-hosts Paige Ward, Howard Chung, and Jason Fox share technology tips and insights on how to use Zoom to check in with clients and discuss how the local real estate market is doing. We also discuss WWW (What Went Well) and the importance of having the right tech tools for video conferencing.

Episode 2 : Green Ocean Weekly Podcast – Let’s not let a crisis “go to waste”

Co-host Howard Chung shares important real estate strategies about the fundamentals of your MVP as well as gathering consumer data for new business opportunities. Jason Fox shares an incredible tech tip on doing a virtual CMA and taking a listing sight unseen and Paige Ward provides some excellent personal branding tips on getting prepared to go on Facebook Live.

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