A floor plan software is currently used by any company in construction, design or real estate field. Most of them provide a large range of features to help the professional conceive the most reliable plans and convince the house owner.

But which ones of those features are absolutely essential? What should you be looking for while choosing a floor plan software?


1- Easy-to-use features


This, by the way, is one of the most essential criterion. Make sure that the floor plan software you choose is. It may provides templates for entire floors or individual rooms for example, which helps you save a huge amount of time.


Time matters and the more time you save, the quicker you can sign contracts. Most of all, fast implementations while creating your preliminary drafts will permit to focus on the relevant details. Remember: a floor plan contains less details than a house plan. Every single one is gonna be analyzed by the customer. You can make mistakes, but those preferably have to be avoided….


2- Large range of possibilities


Every project will show up with different technical requirements, more or less complex. You must first ensure that your floor design software provides a large range of possibilities to design the more original houses. Cedreo’s floor plan software for example enables the creation of suspended ceilings, automatic beams, complex opening shapes… More than 540 openings are for example available! All you need to satisfy the most demanding customer but also to ensure that you will be able to respond to any simpler project in a really quick way.


3- A software of its time…


In construction and interior design, codes and key trends are frequently evolving. Who knows what will be the most recent trend in one decade? Your floor plan software must be at the state of the art, even in a few years. In that context, you must check if your software comes with frequent updates, as for the libraries content than the general features. Mostly, floor plan softwares are relatively expensive: you don’t want to invest in a software that will matches your needs for a few months only…


4- Easily shareable projects


Once you’ve achieved your creation, you must share it with your client or / and with some of your colleagues. How annoying to loose time downloading the entire project to share it afterwards on your own means…! An efficient floor plan software should definitely provide a centralized online account which enables sharing directly all your projects. Most of all, every project should be automatically saved in your library. Those are certainly optional criteria, but essentials if you want to be as reactive as you can to convert your prospects. Think about it!


5- A fair priced software


Last but not least, the price of the software must be one of the most essential criteria for choosing it. Some of them are free or very cheap, but they are often meant for a personal use, to those who want to draw their own plans. It may not be what suits the best for you.


Some other softwares are really expensive but of course, more efficient. You must want to try it before buying it in order to confirm your choice… Also, the floor plan software price must be consistent with the use you’ll have of it. Are you planning to use it daily? For what kind of projects? Do you really want (and can) invest as much for a software which is not going to increase your turnover? You must find the right balance here. Ask for advice if necessary!