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What We Do:

Build Websites

Real Estate Websites

We build 2 types of Real Estate Website: A Pro Real Estate Website & a Starter Real Estate Website. Both built with IDX on WordPress.

DIY Marketing Membership

Guides & Videos

We have created a free membership area with DIY Internet Marketing guides, e-Books, Videos, and Templates for download or view.

Real Estate Marketing


We blog about Lead Generation, Social Media, SEO, Digital Advertising, Email Marketing, Landing Pages, Content Marketing, and more…


5 Goals Of a Real Estate Website

We are a Real Estate Marketing company that believe your Real Estate Website should have G.L.A.M.R.


Your Real Estate Website Should Be Capable Of Generating Leads


Your Real Estate Website Should Define You as A Legitimate Real Estate Professional


Your Real Estate Website Should Present You As An Authority On Your Local Market


Your Real Estate Website Should Make It Easy To Multiply Your Web Presence


Your Real Estate Website Should Be Your Permanent Residence For All Your Marketing Efforts

Jason Fox

Jason Fox Real Estate Websites Have G.L.A.M.R.

Website Features

All The Features You Need In A Real Estate Website


With Over 50% Of All Websites Being Built On the WordPress Platform and Growing, We Are Convinced It Is The Platform For Today and Tomorrow


Responsive Design Refers To Your Website Responding To Different Size Screens or Being Mobile Friendly

Premium Hosting

We Use A Premium WordPress Specific Hosting Service That Keeps Your Site Loading Fast Day After Day.

Powerful IDX

Over 600 MLS’s Approved.  SEO & Mobile Friendly.  Fully Customizable.  Lead Metrics.  Interactive Maps.  Lead Capture.  More.

Lead Capture

We Use a Combination of Forms, Widgets, and IDX Tools to build Lead Capture capabilities into your Real Estate Website.

Custom Branding

We Use Your Logo Or Create One and Customize Your Site To Mirror Your Company Branding


Our Sites Are SEO Optimized and Conform To The Most Current Google Webmaster Requirements.


WordPress Is A Complete CMS That Offers The Versatility Of Being a Website and a Blog.

Social Media

Full Suite of Social Sharing, Social Follow, and Social Syndication Tools Added To Your Site

Landing Pages

We will Create a New Listing Notification, Create A Search Account and Home Value Report Landing Page.

Single Property Websites

Create A Unique and Beautiful Single Property Website Right On Your Real Estate Website

Community Search

Helping You Become the Local Expert We Build Community Search Pages  and a List of Homes For Sale in Each Community.

Premium Plugins

We Install And Integrate The Most Popular, Useful  and Well Maintained Premium Plugins For Your Site.

Premium Themes

Semi-Custom Means We Will be Customizing Pre-Designed Themes. Genesis, Equity, Agent Evolution, StudioPress & Elegant Themes.


We Give You The Keys And You Are The Owner Of Your Website.  You Never Have To Buy Another Real Estate Website.

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The Jason Fox Team

Real Estate Marketing Firm

Jason Fox

Jason Fox
Founder & CEO

Patrick Flynn

Patrick Flynn
Chief Relationship Builder

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    Paramesh Das
    Director of Business Development

      Real Estate Websites

      Beautiful - Responsive - IDX Websites

      DIY Real Estate Marketing

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      What They Are Saying

      Don't Take Our Word For It

      Jason is a great resource for new and innovative concepts and trends related to technology within the real estate and mortgage arena. He has had his hands in many creative endeavors and as such knows the areas that need to be addressed when it comes to the real results that agents and lenders need to stay on top of the ever changing market place. I would recommend Jason to anyone looking for a fresh prospective on marketing concepts or tools that can assist them in implementing a higher visibility within their chosen field. Call Jason- he knows how to get you there!

      Cathy Hartmann-GladwellManaging Broker John L Scott -Assumed Timberland Realty GroupEverett, WA

      Why A Jason Fox Built Real Estate Website

      Riding The Technology Waves

      We have been building real estate websites for over 7 years and have built many websites.  We build websites for brand new agents and top 1% producing agents.  We build websites for single agents, teams, and brokerages.

      Along the way we have made some brilliant discoveries and some embarrassing mistakes…we are constantly growing and learning.  In this industry, a technique you think you will use forever can be gone the next day.

      It is like surfing…  always looking for the best wave and when you catch the best one you ride it until you are forced to find the next best wave.  Forever looking for that next best wave.

      We have ridden many waves.  Along the way we get better at finding the best waves, riding them longer, and doing more tricks on that wave.  Tricks that benefit both our team in developing your site, but more importantly that benefit you the website owner.

      We say, “The Last Website You Will Ever Need To Buy”.

      Because we believe it.  This website that you are on now is the same website we have used for over 5 years.  Along that time we have used many themes, plugins, add-ons, images, and content.  But the foundation has stayed the same.  The WordPress CMS on a solid server on the Genesis Framework.

      During that time there have been many proprietary website building platforms that have come and gone.  Been the must have marketing tool one day and barely visible the next.  Most other options are Gimmicky.  They are catching a big wave and riding it right into the sand.

      WordPress is ever evolving and growing and learning.  The average proprietary web company would be impressive if it had 5-10 developers making it better.  WordPress has 1000’s of developers working on all kinds of tiny details every day.  It is really very impressive.

      Theme developers and plugin developers can ride into the sand, but WordPress will continue to catch the next best wave.  And keep you on top of that wave and looking good online.

      We build you a website that becomes a permanent part of your marketing team.

      We say, “Simple By Design”.

      Because we merge the science of User Experience with the art of design.  That means that we have seen, built, and use a website that generates a high amount of traffic that converts into leads.

      Our clients often turn out to be their own worst enemy… asking for more and more features and buttons and links.  Essentially killing the purpose of the website.  We build your website in a way that inspires users to want to keep visiting you and take action.

      The purpose of every website should be to get more business.

      We say, “Real Estate Marketing As Unique As You Are”.

      Because we don’t try to put all of our clients into 1 or 2 website templates.  We have found that there is no one way to design a real estate website.  Some of our clients like us to go with our skills, while some like to give a layout of how they would like their site to look.

      We ask our clients to give us a site that inspires them and then as much or as little direction as they are comfortable with.  Some of our clients have no branding or images.  While others have a complete branding suite and more images than we have space.

      There is no one perfect solution for all.  In fact we may not be the right solution for you.  There may be another service that fits your unique style better.  However, if you give us the opportunity we will try our best to make you happy.

      We say, “Your Website Should Have G.L.A.M.R.”.

      Because your website should have a purpose and if you know what’s its purpose is you are more inclined to experience good results.

      As I mentioned above the greatest purpose of your real estate website should be to generate more business for your real estate career or your brokerage.  The question is how is that achieved?

      We believe that there are 5 Goals of a website:

      Your real estate website should work in conjunction with your marketing to generate leads.

      Your real estate website should make you and your brand look like a legitimate option.

      Your real estate website should present you as an authority in your local market.

      Your real estate website should help you multiply your web presence.

      Your real estate website should be where all of your online marketing resides.

      We say, “Empower the DIY’er Real Estate Professional to create a World Class Internet Marketing System that is economical, efficient, and effective”.

      Because we are using all the same tools and techniques that we are suggesting you to use, we practice what we preach.

      Do you own your website?  Meaning as long as you keep giving it a server to sit on will it be viewable on the internet?  Or can someone shut you down, go out of business, or worse steal your website?

      We build websites that you own.  You get complete access to your website.  You can add any plugin, change the theme, blog or not blog, change companies, move, or do whatever you want to your website, including do nothing.

      We choose to provide hosting for you, that is because we understand that most of our clients are not comfortable managing the hosting service and all that comes with it.  But, if you want to transfer your hosting away from our server (run by WP Engine) that is your choice.

      We have created our system of building websites that is somewhat unique so that we can be both economical and efficient, while providing your a website that is still effective.