Success in the real estate market greatly depends on an agent’s ability to connect with their client.

The best agents are amicable — they listen to their client’s needs. The agent learns what the buyer wants by asking questions and looks for properties which possess those features.

The agent also listens to the seller for what their expectations are for marketing, showings and open houses, just to name a few.

From believing in their abilities to close a deal to utilizing their social media channels, these are the habits of a successful real estate agent.


1. Possess the Proper Mindset


A real estate agent has to believe in their product and their ability to sell — and your mindset can propel or hinder you when it comes to your success as an agent.

Believe you can close on the sales, in your ability to communicate effectively and in your ability to connect with clients in a positive manner. All of these things will help you close deals, and help you effectuate your career in the real estate market.


2. Play Up Your Listing’s Features


When listing a property, keep in mind that a buyer is looking for features that will keep their family safe and home running smoothly, like upgraded appliances, detailed finishes, a high-definition security system and the ability to utilize the latest smart gadgets.

Be sure to play up these features in the listing description and when showing the property.

If your listing is lacking these selling points, consider talking to your clients about investing in one or two. A 4K camera system, for example, is not only going to help protect the property you’re listing, but will give buyers a sense of safety as well.


3. Schedule Accordingly


Even the top real estate agents need a break from time to time.

If you’re holding 10 open houses in a matter of two days, you’re going to get burnt out. You can’t work 80-plus hours a week and expect to love what you do every single day.

In real estate, you have to love your job, as potential buyers can tell whether you are excited about showing them a property, versus merely going through the motions to close a deal.

Plan accordingly, give yourself time off from work and allow yourself time to dedicate to your craft, to ensure the best outcomes possible.


4. A Digital Presence Is Important


Successful agents must use social media like Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter to advertise their business.

You can tout new listings on Facebook, share property photos on Instagram and share market knowledge and insight with your followers on all your social channels. Ultimately, this will lead to more client, closings and commissions.




Sucess as a real estate agent teeters on several factors. Knowing how to list a property alone simply doesn’t cut it. Buyers and sellers need to feel a connection with agents. Real estate agents who can balance their work life and personal life, utilize the latest social strategies and connect with their buyer on a human level are the ones who succeed.